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The other day I posed a similar question but the there wasn't much feedback so I want to pose it differently. The thing is I'm very confused which way to build my companion NPC.  I want to use the monster creation tool but it is very limited as to how I can build it using the DMG2 rules. Yes it is a great template method but it doesn't provide the options to follow the guidelines under DMG2.  So should I use the character generator and build it like a full PC than adjust it so that it fits the guidelines?  Or is there another method I should use that I am not aware of.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Monster Builder is definitely WAY handy, but it does lack any kind of 'templating' feature or way to specify that you want to use some variant math, such as when building a Companion Character. You CAN manually set all the numbers to whatever you want, but there's no 'companion button', which would be really nice.

It will be MUCH harder (read impossible) to build anything like a companion with the Character Builder. You can of course build NPCs that way if you prefer, but they're not as simple and straightforward to use. I'd stick with the Monster Builder. It is perhaps not perfect, but it is definitely pretty close. Honestly with CCs the most important thing is it works for your purpose anyway. I don't think it is absolutely necessary to worry about every number being exactly as the DMG2 would suggest. A typical standard monster of the PCs level is a pretty good starting point, and it is pretty easy to go from there.
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I've given the Bard in my home game a companion, using the monster builder. However, at one point the party had 6 PCs so I also gave the player a utility power that can be used when the companion is not on the map, but hovering on the outskirts (i.e. being the torch bearer). You can find both stat blocks about half-way down this page under Tarteen.

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Yep, Monster Builder is the way to go.  It's pretty easy to take an existing monster and tweak it to fit the companion guidelines.  From memory it's not covered in DMG2, but I usually give companions second wind.  I find the 'add power'

As Abdul says; it's not really that important to follow the DMG2 guidelines to the letter.  Just be sure to make it simple to run and you'll be fine.
Thanks guys.  Yeah I think I'm just over thinking it all.  I am going to stick with the monster builder because what should remain important here is story line and flow of story. I think having another tool added to the adventures tools would be a great thing to have.   The monster builder is great but NPCs are an important factor that should not be left out of a DM's options. Also they add to the storyline and fill in roles to small groups like mine. Having a dedicated step by step guide with NPC's companion rules would be huge in my opinion.

in my home game I often use the essentials martial characters with inherrent bonuses as companion characters, they run pretty smooth at the table.
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Thank you.  If I have more questions like this I'll post there.

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