the legion of light playtest...

ok, ran my sunday group playtest..a full five ran all 5 classes...a lot of thoughts:

too little emphasis on skills. i understand that you don't want too heavy on it , but a lil more would help.
in fact, perception should be a mandatory skill.
better balance between monster hp, as we found out characters too overpowering, especially when it came down to....

classes out of the box shouldn't be overly powerful. the choice should be given to balance out with what you , not by abstaining from free cantrips that equal to low lever nukes. as a Gm, i've found spell ranges to be way out of touch.

combat as a whole would be better served if monsters were slightly improved in attack number and hp. 2 hp for a kobold? really?
also, better XP balance, a swarm of rats is more than 6 kobolds? doesn't feel right. needs to be completely rebalanced.

also, the fighter's near miss/ and doing damage ability..a bit overpowering. that should only give with a swinging weapon (ball and chain, marningstar) but not swords, or ranged, if that's planned down the road. 

found that they is no true difference between the two clerics types,both had balanced outsided of the pelor cleric uber powered spells.

if halflings are supposed to be rogues, then why don't they have low light vision? 

curious to know what determined starting HP. it would help understand the metagame better.   
ray of frost: move off the cantrip list. should be lvl 2 or redeuce to 1/2 speed.  

and how do one get skill mastery at lvl 1?   maybe lvl 3...but 1?   

the following needs to be worded on:

more of the heavy damage spells needs to be reduced by one D, a 4d6 for a 1st lvl spell? wayyy too powerful..our pelor cleric wiped out a full swrm of cave rats with a searing light spell. radiant lance was overpowered as well.

a dagger for d6 for a halfling? yikes. are you eliminating size bonuses? 

liking advantage/ disavantage. definately a twist on bonuses.   

that's where we stand so far. hoping to see a lot of these tweeked tighter.