Need help with a Sigarda Deck

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I've been playing magic for a year now and recently I got Sigarda in the release tournament for Avacyn restored and want to use her, but I do not know how to fully use her potential in a white green that would well support her and the creaters. So far my idea has consisted of some angels and a bunch of Arrest and Pacifism for the white half.

My deck consists of: 

2x Llanowar Elves

2x Avycinian Pilgrim

3x Nearheath Pilgrim

3x Trusted Forcemage

4x Seraph of Dawn

2x Druid's Familiar

2x Sigarda, Host of Herons

1x Wolfir Silverheart

2x Primeval Titan

2x Steel Hellkite

4x Rampant Growth

4x Pacifism

3x Arrest

3x Banishing Stroke

3x Sunpetal Grove

11x Forests

10x Plains 

I'm thinking about putting in Emancipation Angel instead of steel hellkites but the steel hellkites offer a lot of control.