First impressions (NEXT = Gamma World 4e + OD&D?)

I downloaded the package and read it.

I felt like I was reading the love child of Gamma World 4e and OD&D.  After 35 years of playing I wasn't expecting to be surprised.

I've been reading the player and DM comments with interest.  If I could get a group together I might be interested in starting up again.

Overall, it's an interesting attempt at creating playtestable material without giving enough away to allow anyone to rip it off before it's published.

You mean Gamma World 7e (compatible with D&D 4e) or Gamma World 4e from 1992?

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I enjoy reading threads and comments like this, everyone has their own feeling of which edition it feels most like, which suggests Mearls & co did a really good job of making a version of D&D that unites all the editions.
You mean Gamma World 7e (compatible with D&D 4e) or Gamma World 4e from 1992?

Ah! I forgot about the other GW editions.  Yes, I meant the 7e
It's "D&D Blender".  Mearls and the gang just tossed all the books from every edition into an industrial shredder, and then starting taping bits of paper together. 
Or, they're just borrowing ideas from all over the past 40 years.
I actually play the 4th Edition of Gamma World (From 1992) each Wednesday and there actually are some similarities worth noting in that in 4e Gamma World there are only a few class skills and most improvisation is resolved with just ability score tests. It's proved to be very inconsistant so over the course of 10 years the game has been house-ruled and modified to include many more skills and the ability score tests have become more codified.
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