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Been wanting to build a mp deck around Meloku the Clouded Mirror for a while, and looking for some ideas.

Currently I have:

Meloku the Clouded Mirrorx4
Rampaging Balothsx4
Azusa, lost but seekingx2
Nullmage Shepherdx2
Sakura-Tribe Elderx4
Eternal Witnessx2

Hinterland Harborx3
Tropical Islandx1
Yavimaya Coastx2

It seems to be lacking in the draw power outside of gush and that seems not so great to pull out with only 8 islands to cast it for 'free'.

Opposition could prolly get cut out. I like using it for if a Blightsteel colossus or other nasties that I cant deal with come out, but idk how well it would do in a multiplayer setting. 

I like the Nullmage Shepherd because my group is artifact/enchantment heavy and having something like this, with mass token production is pretty decent imo.
If you're dropping the same land repeatedly, Oboro Breezecaller and Simic Growth Chamber can help you squeeze an extra mana out of each one. It doesn't necessarily work well with Burgeoning though.