Death Ward

I've been looking for an answer and I haven't found one, I've read the "How To Play" and "DM Guide" packets and I have not found what exactly part of the spell "Death Ward" does. The effect description reads:

"...The rune grants the target necrotic resistance until your next turn ends..."

I am curious as to what "necrotic resistance" means, as I have not found a section on resistances. Does this mean that they are immune to necrotic damage, or that they only take half, or what?
I don't know either. Maybe resistance to Necrotic means that attacks against you that are Necrotic in nature have disadvantage, and saves you make against Necrotic effects have advantage?

Seems reasonable enough, since they seem to have mostly removed bonuses.

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page 12 How to Play. Resistance means half damage and vulnerability means double.
Resistance means you only take half damage from that type of attack (p 12).  The Dark Adepts cause necrotic damage, not yet seen anything else that does.
Thanks, I figured it had to be in there somewhere but I was having trouble finding it. Bit embarrasing, but I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't know.
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