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I'm loving the playtest and it occured to me that most of the GW stuff would port right over. I'm considering having Omega Tech pop up as magic items. Alpha mutations could make good spell scrolls. I don't see any real difficulty converting some of the GW monsters to this new edition either. Just have to scale down the HP and damage. I could also do an Expedition to Barrier Peaks type adventure, or bring low level GW characters into the Caves of Chaos. That would probably be a little more difficult. 
I know we're early in the 5E playtest, but if I wanted to convert Gamma World over I'd be more inclined to grab stuff from (1) an earlier edition of GW, or (2) Mutant Future, which is based on a clone game similar to B/X D&D in flavor.

I say this because 5E so far looks a lot more like a pre-3E version of D&D while the new GW is clearly based on 4E D&D. I don't see 4E D&D as similar to the playtest doc as the other things I mentioned above.

However, we know that eventually more "bells 'n' whistles" should be added to the playtest docs, so I assume that some 4E elements will be introduced. At that point your observation may be better than mine.

Marv (Finarvyn) Master of Mutants (MA and GW) Playing 5E D&D and liking it! OD&D player since 1975

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