CoC Playtest Feedback 1- Public Enemies #1

Got together with 2 other friends today and we played the first session of the Playtest Packet, Caves of Chaos. Since there were only 2 players they each played 1 character apiece... Because. So my players chose the the Elf Wizard, and named him Kayden Broadcloak and the other choose the halfing rogue, who goes by Bearfoot. 

To make a long story short, with civil war breaking out in the land of Dolven, the lesser-lord Sebastian Small looks to hiring what help he can to assist in keeping the King's peace safe from the likes of the evil residents of a twisted labyrinth known as the Caves of Chaos. With all the sell swords moving westward to seek employment in the battle-proper against the aggressor, the High Lord Tyren of Neverspring, there are many prospects of adventure and far fewer willing or able to take them. And thus Broadcloak and Bearfoot are hired to clear, or at the least contain, the beastly creatures of the caves.

Let me tell you just a wizard and a rogue get into so much trouble its dumb but hilarious. But on to the hard stuff.

The system does work, albeit in its own simple yet familiar way. While not mind blowing there are something s that my players did appreciate and other things that we all found confusing.

The Good: 
 -Advantage and disadvantage: As a mechanic this bonus or penalty is quite powerful.  Nothing seems to be better than having advantage because the idea of another roll with the best result used is that much more exciting and powerful. 

- Backgrounds/Themes: My players, as do I, appreciate the bonuses given by these aspects of the characters. The player who played the wizard especially loved the role play opportunities introduced by the non-combat bonuses granted by the backgrounds.

-The Caves of Chaos: Not exactly part of the rules, but a very well put together full-monte run of classic dungeon crawl while also being a living breathing environment allowing for free-roam and drastic change. I came...

The Bad:
-Weapon damage on the halfing rogue: What is happening? The sling on the sheet does a 1d8 for damage while the sling listed under weapons in the "book" deals 1d6. But just when you think that info is safe to go on, the sling in the books has the range listed for 30/120... So the sling can used to attack  someone 30ft away without penalty  but you're at disadvantage when attacking someone, oh say, 97ft away. But I guess if the rogue is hidden its no penalty at all so the rogue snipes people with rocks? Obviously some typos have slipped through the grasp of the devs. Not a big deal, but either way what the hell is happening? lolololol?

Other than that still got my eyes peeled for weirdness in the rules. Nothing too crazy has stood out just yet.

Very rules light, easy as pie to run and play. My players and myself being very familiar with 3.5/Pathfinder found picking up and going no time at all. While the simplicity was nice we look forward to more material as to the inner workings of character generation.

The party:
The wizard and rogue went round making trouble with the orcs, kobolds, and the undead. The kobolds felt the sting most of all as they lost the most numbers in an all-out confrontation and then some of their numbers kited away with hit&run/ambush tactics. While they managed to escape, the duo will soon find that they have kicked a wasp's nest. And that wasp nest is filled with kobolds. Lots and lots of kobolds.

To be continued in CoC Playtest Feedback 2. 
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