Play test part 1

Last night I Dmed the first half or so of the play test story with my party. I currently only had three players, one played the rogue, one played the healing cleric, and one played the wizard. The encounters for the most part were fun buy some what problematic due to the small party size. I am absolutely loveing the rule set and themes and backgrounds.

Confusing things:
1. the attacks seem off for example the wizard, has a +3 int, a +2 to magical attacks from the "magical attack" class feature, but has a total of +6... I am wondering if this is a misprint or if there is an unlisted class thing that adds in.

2. rogue damage dice are inflatted with out reason given. I have no issue with this but it makes it hard to have the rogue pick up say a bow and use it.

3. Cleric spell list, seem as if they they perpare a collection of spells which builds their spell list and then may cast them as they see fit using spell slots, some what like a sorc from 3.5. Not sure though on this...

All my players really seemed to enjoy the game alot, and all were asking to finish the play test next week.

They cleared the hobogoblin and goblin wing of the playtest and are about to start on minotaur. No one has died so far, so far so good =). I will update next week when they complete the adventure.

I am absolutely loveing the rule set and themes and backgrounds.

Good to hear you had a solid run. My size of group was 2 for this first session. No areas cleared but it'll be interesting to see how they handle kobold retribution.

I too found also minor misprints and such with dice types or bonuses in these test characters and wonder about it myself.

As for themes/backgrounds, that excites myself and the players I played with. They seem to invite the idea of triple customization through class/background/theme. i can't wait to see what more has to be said on character generation. 
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As someone who has ran with under 4 players, I would suggest npcing a player or two, unless you plan on reducing some of the encounters. I say this mainly because some of the encounters could be quite duffcult with out a healer, and a fighter, and some damage dealers. That is unless your players are very in to the diplomatic approach, which mine were not.
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