Old blood is new blood on these forums. Thanks to the playtest!

I've seen a ton of great conversations lately. Lots to really think about and digest.  Get this, someone even changed my mind today. Yeah, On the internet! And they say it can't happen!

I was of the mind that I liked the ranges expressed in squares because it just felt simpler to deal with smaller numbers and translated nicely to a grid. But then someone pointed out that if they use feet as the base measurement then it will also work nicely on a hex grid. (which means I can start using the backside of my chessex mat!)

It's really got me in a positive mood to see so many comments from people who's DDI account are only days old. I've never seen such a resurgence on these forums and I've had accounts on and off for what seems like forever. Seems like at the very least this playtest is getting people who have fallen away from the game to take notice again and that's a good sign. I love to see all the new (old) blood taking an interest in this amazing hobby and game. I'd like to personally welcome them back to the fold. Hopefully they stick around and this brand can start growing again!
I had stepped away from these forums because 1) my group wanted to move back to 2e and 2) the talk became about numbers and almost nothing about story. Not being a powergamer or min/maxer, I had nothing to add.

This playtest, I admit, is quite exciting. I am cautiously optimistic however. This is the site that WotC looks at, and since most of the old guard have migrated to osrgaming.org and dragonsfoot.org as well as other old school sites, there is concern that the 4e crowd will have the loudest voice. I and some other long-term players have been encouraging them to sign on for the playtest. I don't know how many have done so, however. 
I am a long time player. Most of us who are do not say so often because there is a stigma attached to it. Frankly there will be a lot to learn for all of us. I do think that the major divide is not the edition but the generation you come from as a person. 

While I enjoy playing games on the computer and on occaion have been known to scream at the screen. I have never liked MMO's. I get a lot of flack for the idea that peril and death add to the game. 

@ shiftkitty, I never dropped my account but I did avoid the forums for your' #2 reason. That is also why those types of player know to avoid my public games. 
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I have never liked MMO's. I get a lot of flack for the idea that peril and death add to the game.

Thank you!!! I don't hear this enough anymore.

Guess that places my generation huh?

Edition wars kill players,Dungeons and Dragons needs every player it can get.

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