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If I play a Kesig Wolf Run and a tap it to add a basic land card to my mana pool can I pull that out of my library does it strictly come from the hand?  I need someone to settle this dispute for me.
It adds a colorless mana to your mana pool. It doesn't allow you to search your deck for an additional land, nor does it allow you to play additional lands from your hand. You don't add lands to your mana pool. You tap lands to add mana to your mana pool and that mana is what you spend to cast spells or activate abilities.

Consider the card Llanowar Elves. It's ability is identical to that of a basic Forest. They both tap to provide you with green mana.

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Lands are not mana, just like checks are not money.

Imagine that lands are like checks, mana is like money, and the mana pool is like your checking account.

When you deposit a check, you add money to your bank account.  When you tap a land, you add mana to your mana pool.

When you buy something online or receive a direct deposit, the bank agents do not break into your house and search your room looking for your checkbook.  Instead, the money is simply added or subtracted from your bank account.

When a spell or ability produces mana, you do not search your library looking for land.  Instead, the mana is simply added or subtracted from your mana pool.

Kessig Wolf Run does not get you land.  It taps to put one colorless mana into your mana pool, which you can spend on spells or abiliies.  Abilities that get you land are templated like those on Evolving Wilds.

Is that a bit clearer?
Lands are not mana, just like checks are not money.

I like this allegory better:
mana is not land just like milk is not cow

cheques and money are too abstract ;)

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Land is not mana. I wish they still had ": Add c to your mana pool." on basic lands. Nobody got confused then.

No, land is not mana and mana is not land. You're adding one colorless mana, which can only be used for colorless costs.

Also, as a rule, no modern land will be strictly better than a basic.
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