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Hi all

I want to create a devoted cleric of asmodeus for a Neverwinter campaing.
 The idea is that the character is obsessed to become a prince of hell and as first step conquer neverwinter
I think in devils pawn as backgrund but for the epic destiny im thinking in something similar as the 3.5 thaumaturgist but i cant find anything
Appreciete some help

Thanks in advance
First, check this with your DM.  This sounds like a potentially very disruptive character concept and it may not fly in his game.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Assuming you did as Salla suggested and your DM okayed it, what race did you plan on making your cleric?  Flavor-wise, Tieflings have an appropriate ED, even if they themselves don't do cleric too well.

And for that matter, it would help to know what the 3.5 thaumaturgist plays like.  I never got the chance to play that edition much. 
thaumaturgist are clerics specialized in summoning planar creatures of his alignement (in this case devils). But dont worry usually DM are against evil characters so it probably wont be possible.
I was bored to save the word so i fund interesting the idea of destroying it lol.
>obsessed to become a prince of hell

Hm, I'm not sure, maybe his ED should be Prince of HellUndecided
If that's the feel you want for your PC, then I suggest multiclassing into invoker and picking up some of the daily summon powers and reflavoring them as devils.  I would suggest doing this with a wizard instead for flavor (better summons, helpful paragon path for it), but from a mechanical standpoint it requires investment in your Int and Con for them to be effective.  It's easier to just deal with invoker summons and stay one key stat (Wis).
If you're serious about this you can just make yourself a full-blown summoner wizard and just reflavor/background/theme yourself into a cleric. You'll get yourself some nice support.

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