"For a MORE OLD-School experience...."

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Don't Panic

                Is giving a forlorn sigh a panic attack?

Think Beyond Your Game

                Truth in note - my group dissipated to video games...

                So this is all I can do.

Play The Game

                Tried doing it solo - no one to argue with, rather lonely but eh… I will get them together if I can convince them to go back.

Recognize that this is a work in progress


Be specific & Post the positive and the negative

General Note: It does feel like an old school game. Not sure yet if this is cool or not. My experience comes mostly from Advanced DnD and 3.x. And I can say this game feels a lot like them. Cool. But it feels so much like them, that right now I feel like reading Unearthed Arcana again.


You mentioned Modularity - All I am seeing is "For a MORE OLD-School experience, don't use background and theme."

  • This is not modularity it’s a euphemism to go back to saying, “You all meet in a bar and introduce yourselves.”  Before this mechanic was in place DMs would try to get their players to write up a small background or give one to the players to round things out. I think this puts more power and ability to the players (as the DM can say some are off limits) to round their characters out, especially when not everyone is an accomplished writer. (Like me who you can bet used a Rastlin Drizzt Warforge idea).

  • I don’t notice feats and specific skills, but expect them in the future. This is Modularity Very Very Cool. I like the idea that skills CAN not always be defined in a finite amount of text. Having an ambiguous list but bonuses to specific ones is something that I am glad you caught on too.

  • I believe you mentioned old-school/new-school sitting together in a blog in Uniting the Editions. www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4...  “Some choices then—such as whether a character has a long list of skills and feats; or skills, feats, and powers; or just ability scores, hit points, Armor Class, and an attack bonus—are up to the player.” Translation: Characters can choose to forgo bonuses that would help your character? or perhaps this is not released yet.

You mentioned fast and simple combat.

  • Disadvantages and Advantages are added. Creating a bit more of a bell curve then the linear probability. Nice, good stuff. No more counting bonuses.

  • I worry that with the removal of the “powers” from 4e it will be similar too:

  1. Fighter – “I attack”

  2. Rouge – “I back stab”

  3. Druid – “I wild shape”

  4. Wizard – “just a second I am looking at my list of spells and determining if I should cast this. Gimmie a few minutes because if I use this I may have to rest afterwards… I dunno should I try to put the troll to sleep?

  • Fighters only get to say “I attack”… So simple and quick it’s kind of boring. So we start using “Improvise” as a loop hole to describe something that sounds very similar to a 4e power? At which point the rogue starts using “Split the Tree” but calls "Split the attack" to throw two daggers at once…Every Round… And then the fighter says hey I can do that twice a round… Then DM says Cool or you are at a disadvantage. Do I got back to "I attack"? Please give my fighter a more.

Healing and the short rest, recover HD.

  • “Hey guys who is going to be the cleric?” – To me clerics ran out of spells healing people in older editions. In the last edition we didn’t need clerics. This mechanic seems is not as powerful as a Surge, but then again during a fight we may need a cleric again for that spot healing when “Second Wind” was a life saver.


  • At-Will cantrips – awesome for the wizard and cleric. (What about other classes?)

  • Hp progression – back to rolling random numbers? Maybe not so good. – but I am sure you had a poll?

  • Vancian Magic – I can work with the combination of at-will, memorization, and rituals.

  • Themes and background – look very promising.

Look forward to more!


Edited - title... was "For a MORE OLD-School experience, don't use..." which sounded too negative - which I apologize for, it was not my intention...
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