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I'm trying to create a gunslinger class just for fun, and split it up into sub-classes of gunmage, hunter, and gunfighter. Gunmage was easy enough; for the most part I'm just taking some things from 3.5 warlock and writing the powers geared towards a magic-user.

Unfortunately I'm a bit stuck on hunter. I've been making it suited for taking cover in fights/attacking from one position, and possibly pushing enemies away from allies, but I'm not sure what I should be giving it in terms of attack powers. Utility powers should be fine, since they'd focus on bonuses, moving to a good position, and stealth, but I was hoping to give it some fun things as well, not just having players take at-wills and encounters from the other sub-classes.

For example, with 4e warlocks: you can take any power you want, but some have additional effects based on your pact, so much of the time it's best to focus on those powers. I'd like to have hunters be able to have their own powers, rather than having to take things from gunmage and gunfighter that, while useful, aren't really the best fit.

Use Ranger powers as a basis and work from there?
There's always D20 Modern's Gunslinger advanced class (and the numerous conversions to 4th edition)

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Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

I think Enworld's Zeitgeist campaign has a Gunslinger class.  I've been working on a Borderlands E-style Gunslinger (Hunter).  If you're interested in playing Mordecai, I can try and post it.

WhisperMagellan is probably right.  Easiest way would probably be refluff the Ranger.  The Essentials Hunter has the Aspect of the Dancing Serpent that gives you a free shift at the end of your turn.  Pop out, shoot, pop back in. 

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