faction packs in july

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet but I saw a drow and a cormyr mini faction pack listed on the products page slated to come out in july.

Any word on what's in them. The decription just says 12 minis, not size or if there are new models or just recasts.
40dollars would be a bit much for all medium size reprints.
Theres a PAX 2012 video floating around that you can see the contents in.

The paint schemes are simple. The Drow pack comes with a large spider (Large Monstrous Spider, I think), a large Umber Hulk (Umber Hulk Delver) and a large Drider (the most recent sculpt), while the other comes with a large "Gold Dragon" (Caprious Copper Dragon). I think they are all recasts but I remember seeing at least one that hadn't been a "painted" mini before.
thanks for the heads up.
After some more searching specifically for PAX info, this site www.geeksplayinggames.com/2012/04/dungeo... has a pretty good shot of the included minis. While I don't recognize the one dwarf they appear to all be recasts. 
There is also news of a goblin faction in august.

 I think if you were buying these for the minis and not for the dungeon command game, it be more economical to buy one of the board games (40 minis for 65 vs 12 minis for 40) or to buy singles online. It appears that the extra value comes from the cards for the dungeon command skirmishes and for integration with the board games.
The new miniatures game is called "Dungeon Command."  It will be relased in stores / World Wide Game Day event in Jult 2012 with the first two sets.  And as of recently, it looks like we now have 5 sets to be released for this new WotC miniatures game - "Dungeon Command":

1) Sting of Lolth [Jul '12]
2) Heart of Cormyr [Jul '12]
3) Tyranny of Goblins [Aug '12]
4) Curse of Undeath [Nov '12]
5) Blood of Gruumsh [Feb '13]

I am excited about this.  The game looks fun, although I do not really like it being diceless.  Sadly it looks like repaints of miniatures we have.  But hopefully long term maybe we will get new minis. 



Has there been any mention of any kind of hero pack for the new Dungeon Command game, something that might have painted versions of the new sculpts for Cattie Brie, Jarlaxle, and regis?