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So I'm going to be starting an adventure in Gamma World based around The Ranks of the Fit (Bonapartists) attacking Far-Go. The party (the current rulers of Far-Go after a recent adventure) must then gather all the cryptic alliances in the area and assemble the army to take Far-Go back.

This forum will be my journal of how it all plays out. Give comments and criticisms at whim.
I look forward to reading more!
Tyler: A pyrokinetic plant who uses his own body to get high.
Titanotron: An android seismic. Although he speaks in first person, he's actually the smartest person in the group. (Honestly isnt saying much)
Umbri Nobis: A Nightmare Temporal. Joined the party halfway through their first adventure. Obsessed with finding his origin.
Mortholmax: Swarm of cockroaches. Each cockroach believes they're the one in charge. Obsessed with finding witches.
Kyle/Billy Bob Blob: An electrokinetic yeti. Killed by a chicken before being eaten/vomited back up by Mortholmax. Became an exploding gelatinous before dieing once again.
Shadowl: Mythic Hawkoid. Joined the party after their first adventure. Kicked out of heaven. Wanders the world, mediating and healing.
Wui: Magnetic Simian. Kyle's new character to be revealed in this adventure       
Prologue: After an adventure where an army of plant men had taken over Far-Go, the party found almost the entire police force as well as most of the political infrastructure had been killed. To remedy this and keep Far-Go working, the party decided to have a gathering of the cryptic alliances around the area in order to have them join the Far-Go government.

Session 1: The meeting arranged, the party stood outside town hall, waiting for the representatives to arrive. One by one, Josiah (a Sleeth from the Brotherhood of Thought), Sister Mercy (a large woman festoned with boils from the Radioactivists), Brother Ham (a Porker from the Archivists), and Sgt. Stone (a three-armed man from the Restorationists) arrived for the gathering. However, Wui (who was revealed to be an agent of the FGBI, an intelligence agency founded by Titanotron) took Titanotron aside to share with him some classified information.

Meanwhile, Tyler, Mortholmax, and Umbri Nobis entered the town hall for the negotiations. They agreed to allow the Brotherhood of Thought to start a school in Far-Go as well as induct a member of the Brotherhood of Thought into the Far-Go council. When Sister Mercy went up to list her demands, Tyler was so repulsed by her that he started to hurl a colorful list of curses. Outraged, Sister Mercy left.

Before Brother Ham could list his demands, Titanotron charged into the room and shared the classified information. They needed to escape.

The Ranks of the Fit were invading.

As that was said, a flaming boulder suddenly crashed into the building, injuring the representatives and Mortholmax. The party charged out of the building and found the city in flames, under attack by a horde of sentient animals. Unfortunately, down the street a squad of hoops, dabbers, and porkers saw the party and attacked.
I'm digging it! I'm not the only one that had more misfortune befall poor Fargo.
The characters instantly got to work dispatching the enemies. Wui proved himself remarkably well, with his ability to use Lodestone Lure as a minor action and, as such, deal massive amounts of damage. Mortholmax, however, was stricken with a metal body alpha mutation gone wrong, and quickly turned into a pile of paralyzed metal cockroaches. While the others were busy fending off the Dabbers and Hoops, two porkers waled on Mortholmax until he was down to two hit points.

Until a beam of light descended from the skies, revealing the recently arrived Shadowl. He quickly went to work healing Mortholmax and, with their comrade renewed, the party laid waste to the rest of the scouts.

But in their time spent fighting the enemy squad, Far-Go had been sieged. Grabbing the injured representatives, the party ran to escape from Far-Go, passing by burning buildings and watching as Yexils and Pterodactyls dropped bombs while flaming boulders launched from catapaults. Sneaking past a large regiment of Bonapartists, they managed to sneak into a corn field.

Now, in an earlier adventure, the party tangled with a band of aliens. Using a piece of machinery they had bought from a Klicky nest, they managed to take control of the UFO and used the alien spaceship to conquer Far-Go. They renamed it the U.S.S MOFO (Mother Of Flying Objects) and the spaceship had since become a symbol of their power.

As they dashed to enter their ship and escape, a band of Gallus Gallus's ran out of the MOFO and attacked the party. The players soon took to dispatching the sentient chickens, but not before a duo of land sharks joined the fight as well. If not for Mortholmax's stink gland alpha mutation, Shadowl would've been a chew toy for the two Seps.

Finally, when the chickens were dead, a pig on a robotic horse appeared on the loading ramp. The villain immediatly identified himself as Napolean and began to thank the party for the ship in a villainous monologue...only for Tyler, Wui, and Shadowl to attack him mid-speech.

Their attacks bounced off the robot horse's forcefield and the three soon found themselves trapped as the MOFO's loading ramp closed and it took off into the sky. Inside, they were held at gunpoint by Napolean and a squad of his elite men.

Now, Titanotron, Umbri Nobis, and Mortholmax stood in an empty field. Behind them, the burning city of Far-Go illuminated the landscape. Above, the MOFO flew away into the night sky. All seemed lost until Josiah, the representative of the Brotherhood of Thought, spoke to Umbri;

"If we can rescue your friends, your party can go and gather the cryptic alliances together. It will not be easy to convince them to take on the Ranks of the Fit, but if we succeed, we will have an army that will surpass any in Gamma Terra."

"Only together can we take back Far-Go."           
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