Trying it Out

Setup: we gots us a cave with kobolds in it! (dwarf fighter at lead, alerting allies). Party consists of fighter, rogue, wizard. Enemy consists of 5 kobolds and an elite kobold for 500xp. The heroes are level 1.

Rogue has been hidden the whole time, since before battle begins. The fighter very unsubtly charges in.

Initiatives: Fighter 15 (+1 and rolled 14), Rogue 20 (17 + 3), Wizard 12 (11 + 1). Kobolds get 8 (6 + 2), Elite kobold gets 19 (18 + 1).

First turn.

Rogue launches a sling stone at the elite kobold, with advantage for being unseen. 18/12 d20 roll, so 18 + 5 = 23, hitting the elite kobold. 1D8 (7) + 1d6 (6) + 3 = 16 damage.

The elite kobold yelps and collapses dead with a bleeding head wound before he really knows what's happening. The other kobolds screech and raise spears.

The fighter moves in and chops down one of the kobolds with his mighty axe! Since his minimum damage is 3, and the kobolds has 2hp, no roll is really needed. One of the five kobolds drops with its head split in two.

“Step aside, peasants!” the elf proclaims as he strides up next to the fighter, incanting the spell of burning hands. “Watch how it is done!” Each kobold takes 2d4 + 3 damage from the fire, and they scramble for cover against the (1 + 4 + 3) 8 fire damage, halved to 4 even if they pass their dexterity save. The remaining four kobolds go up in flames, thrashing and screaming before they fall to a smoking pile.

The heroes congratulate themselves on their successful ambush of the kobolds. The fighter cleans off his axe, the halfling grabs another stone and goes back to stealth, and the wizard can do that two more times today.

They then try to split 500xp fairly three ways. Which is a far worse challenge than the kobold guard patrol was.

I would like to see what would happen to the fighter if the kobalds had beat the wizard in initiative and all attacked the fighter (with advantage for out numbering the party, right?).
I would like to see what would happen to the fighter if the kobalds had beat the wizard in initiative and all attacked the fighter (with advantage for out numbering the party, right?).

Well, next time I'll tell my players to roll lower.
Tongue Out 
Well, 5 kobolds with spears (+0; 1d8-2) rolling twice from advantage vs 15 AC:

MapTool dieroller says:

1 - 8,8 miss
2 - 2,9 miss
3 - 20,10 crit -> 6 damage
4- 11,19 hit -> (8-2) 6 damage
5- 12,16 hit -> (8-2) 6 damage

Fighter has 2 hp left.

Got a bit lucky on my damage rolls though.

Short rest: d12+2 -> 9+2 -> +11 hp healed

Fighter has 13/20 hp and out of nonmagical healing.

"At a certain point, one simply has to accept that some folks will see what they want to see..." Dragon 387

If they were using daggers (why wouldn't they with those stats), he'd be at -10, right?

EDIT: Woah, my math is way off!  It'd be exactly the same, assuming max damage rolls.

Well, there'd be onkly 4 kobolds after the fighter but before the wizard acted.  So removing the last roll: fighter has 8/20hp left, 19/20 after non-magical healing.
So true, thanks for the catch.
"At a certain point, one simply has to accept that some folks will see what they want to see..." Dragon 387

Disclaimer – In case it needs mentioning: this is mainly paraphrasing and listing of rolls and such. I keep my notes on index cards (including player rolls with the playtest) and am just presenting them far more directly than what happens in game.

Why no clerics? I only have three players at most at any given time and no one wanted to play one.

* * *

After the successful ambush of the patrol, I got bored of kobolds. I split the 500xp into three parcels of 150 each (I know, it doesn't add up, but the math is easier and my players don't know the xp values of this stuff). So, as the heroes proceed deeper into the caverns, SUDDEN ORC ATTACK!

Setup: same heroes. Three orcs (375xp, or 125 each... yay for simple math. 4E style 1 monster/PC encounter go!). Two come rushing, howling battlecries in orcish, while one (the bright one of the band I guess) stays back and readies an arrow. The orcs were... not subtle, so no surprise on either side.

Initiatives: Fighter 2 (1 + 1), Rogue 9 (6 + 3), Wizard 3 (2 + 1), Orcs 18 (18)

Okay, so effective surprise for the orcs (they go first).


First turn.

Orcs attack, two in melee at the fighter (furious charge each), one taking a shot at the wizard. Rogue is hidden.

Orcs roll 17, 5, 9 or 20/8 melee, 11 ranged. Fighter and wizard each hit once.

1d8 (2) + 1d6 (2) + 1 = 5 damage (feh) on fighter. 1D6 (3) = 3 damage to the wizard.

Rogue goes “Baron Von Shankenheimer” on one of the melee-ing orcs. 2D20 with advantage, 11/19 + 5 = 24 to hit, which 'nearly misses' the orc's AC (13). 2d6 (5, 4) + 3 damage = 12 damage. Orc gasps in surprise as a tiny assassin takes his kidney or something.

“How dare you, foul beast!” And the wizard casts a splendid magic missile at the archery orc. 1D4 (1) + 1 = 2 damage, 9 remaining hit points.

The fighter says something that was funny at the time but I don't recall. Then he tries to make the one remaining orc in front of him no longer alive. With advantage 2d20, 20/10 + irrelevant = crit. 1D12 + 7 maximized (I know the weapon damage is inaccurate, but I have no way of knowing the bonus isn't right, so we kept it... not that it mattered here) = 19 damage. The orc enjoyed his last WAAAGH on this day.

Second turn.

The archery-orc, being too dumb and bloodthirsty to run, launches another arrow at the wizard (“bad witch-man hurt with black magic, rahr!” ). He gets a 19 + 2 = 21, and hits again for 5 damage. Wizard has lost half his hit points, and the arrow 'grazes his cheek, leaving a thin cut'. *eyeroll*

Rogue bothers not with sneaking and just whips a sling-stone at the archer. 1D20 (7) + 5 = 12, misses by 1. He decides not to blow a lucky use.

“Feel my arcane wrath!” Another magic missile. 1D4 (3) + 1 = 4 damage. Orc has 5hp left and is mildly concussed by the force of the impact.

The dwarf decides to show the wizard how it is done. He closes in on the orc (cave is like 20ft across, so just within move distance) and chops. 1D20 (5) + 6 = 11, misses by 2 and asks if he can borrow one use of halfling luck.

Third turn.

Orc drops bow and draws greataxe (incidental actions I think) and baseball-bat swings at the fighter. 1D20 (11) + 3 = 14, misses by 1. I find myself eternal amazed how often that happens in my 18 years of gaming.

Rogue anticlimaxes the encounter, whipping another sling stone at the orc. 1D20 (14) + 5 = 19, a solid hit. 1D8 (7) + 3= 10 damage. The orc pirouettes off the momentum of its missed attack as its eyes glaze over when the rock smashes its head open, then drops.

*final fantasy victory music*

The heroes groan a little in pain, get 125xp each, and set down to rest. I gave 'em a healing kit, since no one was a cleric. Wizard spends hit die, 1d4 (4... lucky bastard, I even got up to check personally) and is back to 12/16 hit points. Fighter has 15/20hp, and as he comments “that's almost as much as the wizard at full” so he keeps his hit die for now.

Figured since this was a "play" test and not a "read" test that I'd try actually running it.  Haven't done too much real adventure so much as punching my party in the face with encounters.
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