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Hello all

In my recent brainstorm for awesome locations for my players to venture I decided that I wanted to throw them into a dungeon inside a moving giant golem. Something akin to God of War and Mini Ninja. 

The premise of the adventure is that the PC's are trying to help a local cadre of vampires getting a hold of a blood ooze. This way the vampires can feast solely on the regenerating ooze, and have a more peaceful relationship with the locals in the town.

Unfortunately, finding such a blood ooze is difficult, but with the help of a powerful merchant guild, the PC's find out that a holy zealous organisation (Silver Flame / Undying Court) know the secret location of a necromancers lab (Vol). What the holy organisation dont know is that the merchant guild is helping a cadre of vampires through the PC's. However, negotiations runs smoothly to begin with, maps to the secret location is bought, and the PC's set out to find the place.

They travel to Xendrik and through various ordeals discover that the "lab" is more like a fortress... a fortress buildt inside a giant golem. The golem itself uses blood ooze for fuel somehow itself. The PC's must now enter the giant golem, locate the ooze, contain it somehow, and get the hell out before the place falls apart.

So far I have a few ideas that I want to explore in this dungeon.

* Getting inside the giant golem. This is either done by climbing the giant vines that has grown from the giant or climbing its feet/legs. One check revolves mostly with climbing and jumpin (atheletics). The other with tight rope walking and swinging (acrobatics). Certainly an encounter will take place here and PC's will have to do daring stunts to fight while trying to enter the giant.

* Getting around inside the giant. This can be difficult, with every step of the giant, walls change, wires are pulled and clockwork turns. Fighting here is difficult. Floors change while combat is progressing. PC's might have to fight ontop of clockwork that automatically change their places at certain intervals (initiative order) and so forth. Chains swing. Rooms tilt. so on and so forth.

* There is also magical currents that connects all rooms. These work like streams of nanobots that repair and monitor the place. PC's have to maintain a good relation with the "antibodies" of the giant golem or they will have and amazingly hard time getting around as the giant golems "body" try to expel them like a virus.

* Parasites inhabit the place. There will be unique fauna and creatures that has accomplished some kind of symbiosis with the giant golem. These can be helpful and also potentially very dangerous. Since they are so unique, identifying them will be a skill challange in it self. Getting rid of some of them might help with the "nanobot" relationship. Some of them might be helping the giant golem stay in one piece. Soem might be blocking secret areas, although allied with the nanobots, so PC's have to think twice before cutting them down to get to some treasure.

Thoughts? Ideas? 
The D&D adventure CM4 Earthshaker involves a giant iron golem/mechanical man which is taken over by baddies - who attempt to stomp the Castle into dirt while the PCs are forced to board the great golem and fight their way through the machinery and rescue the Gnomes who own it.
The Citadel Megadungeon: http://yellowdingosappendix.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/the-citadel-mega-dungeon-now-with-room.html
If you have the time, check out a lets play of Breath of Fire on youtube.  There's a golem boss in the first half of the game where you go through it.
Thanks guys! I will check that out and get back to you! Awesome. 
Earthshaker is awesome. I have all the blueprints down for the dungeon now. Thanks alot Yellowdingo. 

Mastercliff, I watched a few parts of Breath of Fire, but didn't findt the spot you talked about. Can you elaborate on it? Is it inside a golem? 
New Ideas:

* The golem is "programmed" to walk the same path for ever and ever. Through the years this path has sunken to a valley of sorts. In one part of the path the ground has sunken so deep that it has created a lake. When the golem walks through this part, it is submerged to the knees. It causes the bottom parts to be flooded, effectively, drowning creatures stuck there. There will exotic giant sea anemones and illuminating fungus here.

* The golem has a incredible perception and a deadly, but very unprecise, eye ray that can obliterate most things. When the fortress was buildt, the ray was mostly used to keep intruders away. Now, with the place abandoned, the golem and the ray, functions autonomously. Hence, within a few kilometers of the giant enything remotely hostile has long been blasted away. Not even the giants dare go near the thing. The PC's have to use stealth and cunning to get close the the golem. (Stealth)

* If they try their luck through the water, there is a good chance that their boat will be smashed and a huge area will be completely obscured by steam from the boiling water. If lucky, the PC's might be able to grab hold of the vines the golem drags behind it. This way they can begin to climb them as soon as the golem is out of the water. This will be difficult, and will require a skill challenge. (Acrobatics, Atheletics, Endurance, Nature)

* (Inspired by Eartshaker) The foot works as a shock obsorber. Each time the golem takes a step it collapses the roof of this room to 2 feet in height. Items larger that 2 feet will be crushed in this room. The floor will be littered with bones and treasure from bold intruders of the past. 

* When the PC's enter the golem, they proberly enter through the back of the thing. They are met with a room inhabiting a huge primal bird. It has made a huge nest in the place blocking doors and gears. The arcane stream in this room is pricking the huge bird with no effect. After the PC's get rid of the thing, the arcane stream acknowledge them as bening, and open a door for them.

* Maneuvering about in the golem's head is very lethal. The place is clouded with smoke and jolts of red arcane power blasts through the place sporadically. The old system that controls the eye ray is damaged and the arcane stream protects this area with fervor and acts independent from the rest of the golem. If the PC's want to have good chance to escape the thing, they must dissable the eye ray. Fighting the arcane stream, while dodging sporadic rays, and beating a skill challenge to dissable the mechanics.

More to come...
I'd remove the eye ray thing if you want players to actually get inside the golem.
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