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I remember a suppliment, or article that I loved about map making. This particular article even told how to draw mountains and trees. I remember it even going into using color pencils and the different shades you should use for deep water, or thick forests. Its was a wonderful resource that would even have a use in todays D&D.

Again, I don't remember if it was a suppliment, Dungeon/Dragon article.....I do know it was made around 2nd edition or before. I used it (last I remember sititng down and drawing maps) in the 90's, I was in stationed in Germany and would make maps on my days off lol

Any help figureing out what this was would be greatly appreciated!

I don't know what it is you're looking for but it almost certainly sounds like something that would have been covered in a Dragon Magazine article at some point.  There is probably an index out there somewhere that could help you track it down but running a general search could also lead you to some useful articles.
All searches I've done have come up nill....I have to Dragon magazine archive and the search function in that is aweful. Ill have to flip through them one-by-one. I hope I can find it, it was a great article and I remember creating some awesome maps with it.

From poking around DragonDex, these two look like they could be it.

Realistic topography"Map Hazard, Not Haphazard"William Hamblin56(12)D&D1
Using in gaming"Exploring Some Map Manuals"Lewis Pulsipher72(69)--
Thanks for those! They are not the one I'm thinking about however. The article I remember showed examples of creating the map. Mainly drawing hills, mountains, and even clusters of trees for forests. It was pretty detailed.....

I' m starting to think it was all a dream lol. I'm pulling a 6 day stretch of 12 hour shifts....once I'm done Ill be searching in ernest for this elusive map making gem! If I do find it Ill be sure to post here about it for others to check out.