Playtest Characters - Weapon / Armour issues

The weapons and armour on most the character sheets seem very inaccurate. I've compiled a list below.

Cleric of Moradin
Warhammer +4 (1d10+2) on sheet
+2 from Strength, +2 from ??
Warhammer damage in Weapon List is 1d8 dmg

AC 18 on sheet

Chainmail AC 15
Heavy Shield AC +2
Dex AC -1 (ability explanation only mentions using the bonus for AC, so does a Dex penalty not apply to AC?)

Correct AC 16

Spell Atk +5
+3 from Wisdom, +2 from ??


Cleric of Pelor
Quarterstaff +1 (1d8-1)
-1 from Strength, +2 from ??

Radiant lance +6 (1d8+4 radiant)
+4 from Wisdom, +2 from ??


Greataxe +6 (2d6+7)
+3 from Strength, +3 from ??
damage +3 from Strength, +2 from Weapon Focus, +2 from ??
Greataxe damage in Weapon List is 1d12 dmg

Lt Crossbow +4 (1d8+5)
+1 from Dexterity, +3 from ??
damage +2 from Weapon Focus, +3 from??


Dagger +5 (1d6+3)
+3 from Dex, +2 from ??
Dagger damage in Weapon List is 1d4 dmg

Sling +5 (1d8+3)
+3 from Dex, +2 from ??
Nothing under Missile Weapons indicates that Dex gives a damage bonus
Sling damage in Weapon List is 1d6 dmg


Quarterstaff +1 (1d8-1)
+1 from Dex
Damage should 1d8+1 as Quarterstaff is a Finesse

Ray of Frost +6
Shocking Grasp +6 (1d8+3)
Spell Atk +6
+3 from Int, +3 from ??


As far as I can see weapon proficiency seems to apply a +2 bonus to attack (+3 if a Fighter) and spells get a +2 bonus to attack (+3 for Wizard, +0 for Cleric of Pelor).

A few of these look off to me too. The Dex penalty, though, shouldn't apply to AC as the cleric is wearing heavy armor and thus Dex doesn't apply (at least the way I read it). Under everyone's spells entry, it says they gain +2 to attack with their spells; this seems to counter the somewhat standard +2 AC from armor, just like proficiency in 4E did. Others do seem off, even still.

Poe's Law is alive and well.

The clerics and the wizard get a +2 to attack rolls with spells (character sheet, page 2, left column under Magical Attacks). That explains the clerics' attack bonus. Either the wizard is a typo or there's something behind the scenes that we don't know about.

As for the weapon attack bonuses,  I suspect we are seeing some sort of class-based to-hit bonus. +2 for the cleric and rogue, +3 for the fighter and +0 for the wizard.
Would love some sort of official response on this before I begin the playtest... Should the character sheets override the core rules packet or the other way around? I'm considering just giving the players the better values where an issue exists since the adventure is supposed to be fairly brutal in spots.
Two other related observations.

The Cleric of Pelor is using a quarterstaff with only a +1 to hit, but the quarterstaff is listed as a Finesse weapon in the playtest document, and should use Dex instead of Str to determine the attack bonus.  If the cleric has a 'base' +2 to hit, then the cleric should have +4 to hit with the staff.   The wizard has a +1 attack modifier, which may or may not be correct - if their 'base' bonus is 0 it's correct, but if it's using Str like the cleric is, then the wizard may have a 'base' +2, and their attack bonus should be +3

On that same vein, the quaterstaff damage for both the cleric and the wizard is listed as 1d8-1, but according to the finesse description, Dex can be used for attack and damage.  The cleric should be 1d8+2, and the wizard should be 1d8+1 (which also suggests an error with the wizard's attack modifier). 
Mage and cleric are using int and wis to attack, not dex.