Spell Preparation (Wizard different from Cleric?)

"How to Play" only says characters of different classes prepare spells differently (p.23).
"DM Guidelines" didn't talk about spell prep.

Unless I missed something, all we have to go on are the character sheets.

Wizard character sheet has "spell preparation" and "casting a spell" which seems clear to me that you prep each spell slot with a spell (and the bit about prep the same spell multiple times), like 3.5.

Cleric character sheet has "spell preparation" and "casting a spell" that don't read the same. It says you prep the 3 spells, you cast one of the prep'ed spells using a spell slot, and then only goes on to say you lose the spell SLOT until you prep spells again.

I can see reading the cleric thing two ways:

You prep 3 spells, one per spell slot, and as a result can cast each spell once per day. Written this way to simplify the character sheet.


You can prep 3 spells, which now become "spells known" for the day, and you cast them in any combination you'd like using spell slots, just like a sorcerer did.

Any thoughts?
I just posted a thread about this same thing. To me, it appears as if a Cleric prepares three spells to cast, but only has two slots to cast them with, and thus chooses spontaneously from his prepared spells, ala a 3E sorceror or bard.
I posted on Nevrus's other thread. The description of a cleric's prepared spells, to me, seems very clear that he can choose any spell from the ones prepared, but is limited to the number of spells he can cast per day. So with 2 spell slots at level 1 he can cast 2 Healing Words or 1 Healing Word and 1 Divine Favor, etc. At level 2 he can now cast all three of them once each or go all out Healing Word for 3 times a day and so on.
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