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Has anyone tried merging the three adventure system games yet to make a super game?  Has there been any scenarios put out for this yet that combine all three games?

My family and I have played all three games a number of times and we're getting to the point where I'm interested in what would happen if we merged some of the decks.  

The two problem areas I see:

1. Compatibility - I know the games obtained better balance from Ravenloft to Ashardalon to Drizzt.  For example, the event cards were particularly deadly in Ravenloft, so they gradually softened them up with cards that did nothing or cards that only affected certain things.  I think the treasure, event, and monster decks would probably merge fine into 3 big decks.  Not sure about the dugeon tiles.  It doesn't make sense to have Volcanic Vent event cards if there's little chance of pulling a volcanic vent tile.  (Basically, it makes the card much less deadly).  Conversely, there's some synergy that could be achieved with different monsters/cards from different games if they were merged that might be pretty neat.

2. Separation - I think all the cards are numbered for each set, which would make it fairly easy to separate them again into their individual games.  I'm not sure about the dungeon tiles (again), so they may be the one thing that needs special rules or a preset dungeon for the quest like some of the Drizzt quests.

Can anyone think of why merging these three games wouldn't be a good idea or any other unforseen difficulties?  It seems like the games were designed for this very thing at some point.  I'm surprised they haven't put out merged scenarios in DDI yet.  I'm thinking I may try this in a few weeks just to see what happens with some quest I make up on my own. 
The bonus adventure they put out for WoA includes cards and monsters from Ravenloft, so you have a good axample there. I plan on using the NPC villiagers they included in WoA in a more story- driven Ravenloft campaign of linked adventures. I wouldn't use resources from all 3 games in one adventure, but I would for a campaign.

You can easily separate the dungeon tiles by looking at the monster spawn points. For example, in Ravenloft the monsters spawn on bone piles while in Ashardalon they spawn on the burn marks.

With regards to making a super adventure, I've done it and it's fun. I did, however, remove a number of encounter cards that made no sense because they were so specific to the story of the parent game. Check out boardgamegeek's file section for plenty of homebrew adventures.

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