NDA for players

Could someone direct me to the NDA for the players to "sign?" I have some players who desperately want to look at the characters, but I can't let them do so until they have signed the NDA.
I have to say the NDAs seem a touch silly at this stage in the game
yeah, I'm a bit cofused on the NDA as well.  If we can all sign up to get the material, what purpose does the NDA serve?
Everyone involved in the playtest needs to go through the playtest agreement on the website. So you would need to direct your potential players to go through the sign up process on the D&D Next site.

Trevor Kidd Community Manager

It's not letting me download my packet
I'm also wondering about this online NDA. I have a couple players in my group (one of whom is my son) who don't have e-mail and/of internet access to "sign" an online NDA. Does this mean I have to tell them, "Sorry, but you cannot be involved in my game this weekend because you didn't sign the NDA?"
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Really it just means they won't be able to do the surveys. Wizards isn't going to knock down your door if you run a game with a few people that'll never visit the wizards site. :P
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