New terms that need a shorthand -- advantage and disadvantage

Pain in the arse to write them out in full all the time in posts and feedback and such.  

Humbly propose "+age" and "-age".  (Apropos, since when added, they cancel out).


Returned from hiatus; getting up to speed on 5e rules lawyering.

AV and DV seem good.
Adv / Dadv

AV and DV seem good.

Probably this. They seem the simpliest.

Before i saw this I was considering slapping "Combat" infront of both of them, making them the old CA, plus the new new CD.  
I really like Ad and Dis
Ad helps (and Dis helps you miss)
+A / -D
also seem fine to me
(with abbreviations it is best to K.I.S.S.).

A+ / D-. Sounds easy enough.
I like AD and DA.  Symmetry, yo.
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
I really like Ad and Dis

I'm going with this.
Slightly related, does the number of Advantages and Disadvantages matter for cancelling out?  Like, if you have advantages from three sources, and disadvantages from one source, do you still have advantage?
In prior versions if you had both advantage and disadvantage the end result was neutral, but you still counted has having both.  So a rogue could Sneak Attack, for example. 

I don't expect them to stack, though.  Either you have advantage or you don't, the number isn't counted.
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
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