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Need something that makes artefact tokens quickly and on the cheap. Not sure if repeatable is required yet. Nuisance Engine was the first thing I thought of, but yeah.

Thoughts on the manabase? Too much land? If the engine runs I doubt I'll miss my land drops.

Six more miracles need to go, at least. Started thinking 2-coloured but I think white is required and fun anyway.

What other cards are required here? More cheap instant draw options?

Could Legacy mana allow this to become a viable archetype?
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Devastation Tide will hose your own tokens badly. Could I suggest at the least swapping it out for Burn at the Stake? Works very nicely with tokens instead.

EDIT: Or maybe not, I forgot it was so colour-heavy. Suture Priest or Intangible Virtue? I'd perhaps say the latter, as it has fantastic synergy with Entreat The Angels
Have you considered flayer husk as a partial solution? They both count as a cheaper way to get blockers (1 mana gives you a 1/1 blocker) but it also leaves you with an artifact to sacrifice after it has blocked. If you have two of them you can just switch them with the welder resetting the token.

origin spellbomb would be the next best choice since you are playing white anyway.

myr retriever gets very interesting with the welder as well.

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I think that you should drop bonfire of the damned I am sorry I think the card is way over priced and still be countered you should check out banefie I think that it is probably one the best direct damage made and maybe some dual lands too
I would've thought that Bonfire of the Damned would be easily preferable in this deck. Banefire could be a fair choice for a sideboard card to play against blue and white decks, perhaps...
Lol conch horn and miracle.  Well done sir.

Ok I'll contribute something too, budget dual lands:
Come in untapped: Adarkar WastesBattlefield ForgeShivan Reef
Come in tapped: Sejiri Refuge, vivid crag, vivid creek, vivid meadow

Don't worry you won't take massive damage from the first 3.  You'll get hit maybe once if ever then later you use them for colorless once you're no longer color screwed.  The key is to not get too many.  3 is very safe (such as 1 of each), though you might risk a couple more.  I'd also get maybe 3 multicolor lands that come in tapped.  That way you almost never draw 2 at the same time, and thus you can negate the drawback by playing a come-in-untapped land when you can spend the mana and come-in-tapped land when you can't anyway.

There, I just got you 6+ effective dual lands on a budget.

Another option is the cycling lands - Forgotten Cave, Lonely Sandbar, Secluded Steppe - because you can cycle => miracle on an opponent's turn using your land slots rather than your spell slots.  Problem is they come in tapped so you'd have to remove other come-in-tapped lands if you don't want a slower deck.
I really really really don't like taplands, so painlands it is. But 50% painland is way too much, I fear. The Shadowmoor / Oddysey lands are more into what I need as good/reliable duals, I think, but my biggest problem is the ratio's, not which options they are. I like the cyclelands, though ^^

I do indeed infinitely prefer Bonfire to Banefire. The bonfires aren't in there to deal lethal to my opponents (though they'll certainly help in that respect), but to act as sweeper. Same reason for the Devastides, really. Keep my opponent's board clear for long enough to get my engine (Horn+welder+later on artitoken) running is the strategy. Banefire has no place in here.

The whole idea behind the tokens is to weld them into more Conch Horn's, which enables miracles every turn and every opponent turn with the current density. I don't mind them evaporating with a Devastation Tide, since by then I should have a new horn and welder up and running in the same turn. I don't require them vigilance & power, which is why I think Virtue is winmore and wont'know which miracles to cut for it. I agree on its power, but I'm not sure if it's necessary.

The hidden player really is the nuisance engine's repeatability. I'm not sure if singleton artefact can replace it, and I'll probably have to run, say, 8 of them rather than 4 to keep it consistent. That said, those options are some of the more powerful I can imagine (besides 0-costers) so thanks for those ^^. The engine is indeed a costly engine; I guess it'll have to come down to testing both options if no-one here's a math genious.
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I'm not the perfect deck analysis guy, or anything, but having had a good look at this three things occur to me:

1, The mana-cost/speed of the deck. To use Nuisance Engine and Welder to rebuild the Conch costs 2 mana. Using the conch costs 1 mana, so the operation of drawing two cards and putting one on top of your library costs 3 mana in total. Ideally you want to be able to do this each turn, along with playing a miracle too. Most of your miracles cost one or two mana, which means that each turn is going to cost 4-5 mana, and if you don't have that much available then your strategy is painfully slow - you're basically able to play one spell every two turns, unless you're lucky and draw your miracles in the right order. Also, when it comes to your X-cost miracles, the more mana you have available the better. I'd look at running at least two more lands, preferably three or four.

2, You've given a fifth of your deck over to Conch Horn and recurring it with a three card combo, so you pretty much want to find those three as quickly as possible. I know you have your Brainstorms to dig for these pieces, but personally I'd add a few more dig spells to lend a hand.

3, Once your combo is in play it looks rather fragile. Goblin Welder in particular is going to take it hard against any deck with any sort of creature removal. You could do with something to protect your combo. Blue and/or white should be able to offer something to assist in this. Cloud Cover, for example.

Hope that helps...

Playset of Preordain, I hear you say? Consider it considered.

As for the lands, you may be right on that; but I'm more or less counting on the combo to work. Ideally, you're looking at digging two extra cards each turn, helping you to find your land drops. That should sort out the late-game at least, which is what I'd want to wait for with the X-spells. Not that I think I need X to be big, as at least Bonfire of the Damned is in here to sweep small for when I can't rebuild my own board quickly enough yet from a Devastating Tides.
Early game is the problem indeed. Would extra land be the best thing to do, or should I rather add a ramp option or two? Or better, do you have suggestions for cheapskate artefact creation that I can swap Nuisance Engine out for? It doesn't even need to be tap-> put into play, a wurmcoil-esque ability works just as fine since I think that by the time I'm out of those tokens, I'll have drawn the next piece.

I am thinking about using the Myr Retrievers instead and putting some of the artefact lands in the deck. Those lands read sacrifice: Draw two, then put a miracle on top of your library with a Welder in play and Horn in the yard. Thing is, the Retrievers also cost 2 to put into play, same as an engine token; the Welder's oracle does not allow for the Origin Spellbomb to do its trick, unfortunately.
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Have you considered a Prototype Portal approach? Only gave the deck a quick perusal, really, but off the top of my head ...

Pros: Your deck would be immune to creature removal. Less pieces to the combo, which frees up space and thus allows the use of a tutor to fetch the necessary pieces (i.e. fabricate ).  Once the Portal is out, you're just paying the same cost you would by playing Conch Horn + its ability.

Cons: The Portal costs 4 mana to begin with. Artifact hate hurts (a point which may be said of the deck now).

Anyhoo, just a thought. Seems like good fun here, so good luck.
No I had not, but it seems like a capable alternative. The mana cost is indeed the only thing prohibiting Prototype Portal, but I'll have to test it up.

So that's

22 Lands to be kept

4 x Conch Horn
EITHER 4 x Goblin Welder; 4 x Nuisance Engine
OR 4 x Goblin Welder; 4 x Myr Retriever
OR 4 x Prototype Portal; 2 x Fabricate; 2 x Ponder

Removing three more miracles for 3 Preordain. Then it's just the question of which miracles to cut. Anyone got suggestions?

Retaining Cloud Cover and co for the sideboard, that will rely upon the weakness of the engine against the meta.
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