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I've been out of the game for a while and I've come back and I really like delver, and this is a build I like a lot. Early hold off late head beatin'. I need sideboard help mostly, but some mainboard tweakin' would be cool too. I was thinkin' four of gutshot for Thalia but beside that i'm not too sure for anything else. I also need a suggestion for sideboarding out Mana Leak againt Cavern of Souls.

15 Creatures:
X4 Birds of Paradise
X4 Delver
X4 Snapcaster
X3 Wolfir Silverheart
23 Other spells:
X4 Frost Breath
X4 Gitaxian Probe
X3 Increasing Savagery
X4 Mana Leak
X4 Ponder
X4 Vapor Snag

22 Land:
X4 Hinterland Harbour
X10 Island
X8 Forest
Wolfir Silverheart, though powerful, shouldn't be here for two reasons.

1) It's too expensive; at five mana, you won't be able to get a Delver deck to play it reliably, since most Delver decks spend most of the game on three mana or less. In Block, the format is slower so a five mana 8/8 is good.

2) In Innistrad Block, there is no instant speed removal, certainly none that can kill an 8/8. This makes Wolfir Silverheart the most powerful card in the format, since playing it means you immediately swing for 4 extra and they probably can't answer it by the following turn. Unfortunately, Standard is FULL of powerful instant speed removal; Dismember in response to the Soulbond trigger, Doom Blade, Go For The Throat, Vapor Snag, Morbid Tragic Slip... all of these cards see regular play and played midcombat can completely destroy your board position. In this wider format, Silverheart is a liability more than a boon, at its cost.

Other than that, your list doesn't actually look that bad. I don't like Frost Breath, it's a little overcosted. I would try Dismember or Gut Shot in their place. For a replacement for Silverheart, I would go with Mayor of Avabruck. I would also run Invisible Stalker over Birds of Paradise (not much that Bird does here that's particularly useful).

EDIT: 2 Alchemist's Refuge might be worth playing as well. 
yeah i s'pose the green is really just unviable except for increasing savagery. i liked the birds and wolfir because birds can ramp me to have open mana for my stall cards and playing wolfir. but i do like frost breath a lot more than gut shot. it's a lil hefty but it's instant speed and slows down fatty's for two turns. and i was trying out alchemist's refuge but it messed my mana base up too much. maybe a one of but that's about it.
I'll just share some differences from what i run in my u/g delver.

2 Invisble Stalker
3 Mayor of Avabruck
3 Gatstaf Shepard - theres no green In my meta.
1 Dungeon Geists

3 Tracker's Instinct
1 Mulch
3 Forbidden Alchemy
2 Thought Scour
1 Crippling Chill

2 Runechanter's Pike

It basically digs Until it hits a creature then slaps on Pike or increasing Savagery and swings away, bouncing and countering threats along the way. At one point I had Captain of the Mists instead of Dungeon Geists since I had mostly humans I could lock down a couple threats at a time.
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