Respect, Edition Warring, and Edition Warriors (Read before posting)

The D&D Next playtest is open to anybody and everybody who wants to check it out and help shape the next iteration of D&D. We welcome everyone to provide feedback to us through the various methods, including these playtest forums. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable about sharing their opinions in this space.

We promise to do our best to monitor and review these forums to make sure everyone is able to contribute without feeling harassed or unwanted. In return, by posting in these forums, you agree that you will treat others and their ideas with respect, regardless of which edition of D&D they may favor or how much you may disagree with them.

Belittling or harassing others or their ideas is not acceptable anywhere in the forums, but that is doubly so for these playtest forums. It's not about which edition is better. It's not about which edition is winning. It's not about the various champions for each edition getting in the last word. It's about making the next iteration of D&D the best it can be for all of us.

You can and should express your opinion about the playtest material, but do so respectfully and without insulting your fellow playtesters or those involved in making the game.

If you don't think you'll be able to speak to others with the amount of respect these forums demand, then please direct your feedback to one of the many other outlets we'll be providing. We would definitely still love to hear from you, but this space is reserved for public and civil conversations that respect the opinions of all involved.

Trevor Kidd Community Manager