Welcome to the Dungeon Master Playtest forum! (Please read before posting)

Welcome all Dungeon Masters! This forum is for discussion related to your playtest experiences as a Dungeon Master. So if you have something you want to share about your playtest, a question that came up during play or some feedback about what happened in your game - this is the place for it!

We will be in here regularly compiling the feedback and answering as many questions and addressing as much feedback as we can.

Now, if you have questions about the playtest packet or have some cool or troublesome interactions you've thought through but didn't actually come up during a playtest session, those should go in the Playtest Packet Discussion forum. This kind of feedback is still immensely useful, and we'll be checking there regularly as well, but we want this forum to focus on actual playtesting, and leave the purely mechanical crunching and questions to the Playtest Packet Discussion forum.

If you want to share feedback from your experience as a player, that belongs in the Player Playtest Feedback forums.

If you want to talk about another D&D Next related topic or can't find where your D&D Next or playtest related post should go, then please post it up in the D&D Next General Discussion forum.

With all that said, thank you all for helping us playtest the new iteration of D&D and we look forward to seeing you in the forums!

Trevor Kidd Community Manager