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Yay! Now that we have the forum for season 9 set up, does anyone have PDF copies of the Play Tracker for Web of the Spider Queen? I usually lke to print off a bunch of copies for our store before the first session. However, the link on this page is still giving me Elder Elemental Eye trackers. We can copy the ones that came with the module if needed, but I prefer to print when I can. Thanks.
There's a thread of handouts and such. Links to fan-made player trackers from me and Rood.Inverse are in there.

There was a play tracker included in the season's materials (stapled together... thanks, WotC, for making them harder to photocopy). 
Thanks, I saw that thread as soon as I finished this one. If it's redundant, I'll just delete it.
I don't think it's redundant. Also, not unneccessary or repetitive.
I've reported the lack of updated Player Tracker to WotC. Hoping to get it resolved soon.
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Here is the fixed player tracker that I put up on my store's DDE webpage...

WotSQ Character Tracker - Fixed (PDF)


Bryan Blumklotz
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Thank you Perithoth!
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