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Here's a thread for handouts, character sheets, etc., that some wonderful community members have made for players and DMs. 

This link has the player trackers and handout for Session 1 that I made.
Here's a thread for handouts, character sheets, etc., that some wonderful community members have made for players and DMs. 

This link has the player trackers and handout for Session 1 that I made.

And my redundant efforts can be found here, too.

For PCs: www.box.com/s/aafca47c120294d83a1f

For DMs: www.box.com/s/e849ea518b586c2441b2

58286228 wrote:
As a DM, I find it easier to just punish the players no matter what they pick, as I assume they will pick stuff that is broken. I mean, fight after fight they kill all the monsters without getting killed themselves! What sort of a game is this, anyway?


An insightful observation about the nature of 4e, and why it hasn't succeeded as well as other editions. (from the DDN General Discussions, 2014-05-07)

Rundell wrote:


Emerikol wrote:


Foxface wrote:

        4e was the "modern" D&D, right?  The one that had design notes that drew from more modern games, and generally appealed to those who preferred the design priorities of modern games.  I'm only speculating, but I'd hazard a guess that those same 4e players are the ones running the wide gamut of other games at Origins.

        D&D 4e players are pretty much by definition the players who didn't mind, and often embraced, D&D being "different".  That willingness to embrace the different might also mean they are less attached to 4e itself, and are willing to go elsewhere.

    This is a brilliant insight.  I was thinking along those lines myself.  


    There are so many tiny indie games that if you added them all together they would definitely rival Pathfinder.   If there were a dominant game for those people it would do better but there is no dominant game.  Until 4e, the indie people were ignored by the makers of D&D.


Yep. 4E was embraced by the 'system matters' crowd who love analyzing and innovating systems. That crowd had turned its back on D&D as a clunky anachronism. But with 4E, their design values were embraced and validated. 4E was D&D for system-wonks. And with support for 4E pulled, the system-wonks have moved on to other systems. The tropes and traditions of D&D never had much appeal for them anyway. Now there are other systems to learn and study. It's like boardgamegeeks - always a new system on the horizon. Why play an ancient games that's seven years old?


Of course, not all people who play and enjoy 4E fit that mould. I'm running a 4E campaign right now, and my long-time D&D players are enjoying it fine. But with the system-wonks decamping, the 4E players-base lost the wind in its sails.

I've been developing an encounter tracking sheet to help me manage some of the DM record keeping that I often forget. I wanted a template that was easy to edit and quick to pull together, but comprehensive enough to let me focus on the story of the battle without sweating the details of hit points and used powers. The intent of the template is to cut out the pieces that you don't need in a given encounter to get the sheet down to one page. 

I think I have the template far enough along to share with a larger audience so please let me know if you have any feedback. As it was created in MS Word you shouldn't have any trouble modifying it to suit your needs.

Here it is already filled out for Session 4:

And here's the template itself without any encounter specific info populated into it:

I hope you find it useful!

Season 9 Reward Summary

If your players are like mine they don’t record their XP, gp or loot accurately (if at all). To remedy this I’ve created the D&D Encounters: Web of the Spider Queen – Chapter 1 Reward Summary that detail the XP, gp and magic items found during each encounter. On Wednesdays I’ll post an updated Reward Summary in the Dungeon's Master.com D&D Encounters Archive that will include the details for that week’s session. This way DMs can print the updated summaries for their players before each session and be ready to hand them out that night at their FLGS. If you have any feedback on these sheets please let me know and I will refine them.

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