Eberron and GURPS Illuminati

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The Secret Masters of Eberron have denied all knowledge of the various conspiracy theories put forth in the Eberron Campaign Setting and the Eberron Dungeon Master Guide.

To begin with, they don't even exist.  The "Illuminati" of Eberron are a myth.  The following are denied:

* Everything you read in the Tabloids put out in Sharn and Korranberg is true!  The Dreaming Dark is out and about changing people's personalities, and there are Space Aliens (re: Spelljammers) that are in regular contact with the Monarchy of Breland.

* The Emerald Claw is an violent terrorist arm of the Blood of Vol, and will rough you up if you say so much as anything against the rulers of Karrnath. 

*  The Chamber has secret agents everywhere and love to dabble in the fate of nations.  And the Chamber's agents will snatch you from your home if you ask too many questions or just see something you are not meant to see.

* The Aurum controls the world's money supply, and manipulate it to fit their own sinister plans.

* The World of Eberron is such a complex web of secrets, mysteries, and lies that nobody really knows what is happening.  But everyone in power lies all the time. 

* The only way to protect yourself is to join the Conspiracy.  But even then, you don't know who is pulling your strings.

* Everything the regular Eberronian knows is a lie.  Everyone who thinks they know something are true.  The world of Eberron is a very strange place.  Hail Tiamat!  All Hail Discordia!

* Wizards of the Coast admitted that the Illuminati elements in the Eberron Campaign Setting and the Eberron DM's Guide are works of Fiction, but added: "It's all true anyhow.  Just look at the book.  It's closer than you think."
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