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Hi Guys,

I just bought LoD and even if I played some Games already, I have some questions:

1. The rules state on page 9 that you cannot use a flipped Daily Power or a Utility Power (same for Items) again, unless a Treasure Card says otherwise. So I read EVERY card twice, but I did not find one treasure, that allows you to flip a Power or Item face up again. My suggestion ist, that the other Boardgames contain such cards and they just used the expression in all rulebooks, but I am not sure of it. Maybe one of you could give me a hint ;)

2. Moving a monster "adjacent": Usually you are one tile away from a monster if it comes to play. Does moving the monster "adjacent" mean, I should move the monster on HIS tile adjacent or does it move to my heros tile adjacent. The rules state, that monsters usually move from mushroompatch to mushroompatch, but it is a tactical difference where the monster ends its turn (for example: Hero stands on tile 2, monster on tile 3 adjacent. Hero recovers to tile 1, so there is a distance of two tiles between them. If the monster moves just one tile per turn, my hero is save for at least one turn. Otherwise the hero stands on tile 2 and the monster moves from tile 3 adjacent to tile 2. The hero recovers to tile 1, but the monster could attack at his next turn.).

3. Encounters at Pre-Built Cavern Complexes: For there is no Exploration-Phase, do you draw a Encounter-Card for every turn of a hero (of course unless stated otherwise in the Adventure book). And do you draw a monster for every step on a new cavern tile?

I like the books and the boardgame a lot, but I think the rules are some kind of unfinished and need a lot of explanation or house rules. I would like that in Pen-and-Paper but it seems inappropriate for a boardgame. I really hope you guys can help me with this questions. And sorry for any lingual mistakes - but I think I did pretty well for a German ;)
1. Yes, the other Adventure System games have ways to refresh used powers. 

2. Adjacent means next to the hero, though you can do whichever space is to your best advantage, as long as it ends up adjacent.  

3. I don't have the rule book handy, so I'm not sure.  

Deiner Englisch ist sehr gut.  

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