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A question for everyone.

How do you regard mindlinking in 3.5 and to a lesser extent, the telepathy of 4e Kalashtar? Did (or do) you rule it as deeply intimate and personal?  Or did your Kalashtar use their mindlink and telepathy more casually?

The reason why I'm asking is that personally, I see mind linking as an intimate affair.  Like in the scene in Babylon 5 when Lyta's replacement tried to describe to one of the characters what happens when two telepaths make love.  

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Quite casual. "Voice in head" sort of thing.

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Quite casual. "Voice in head" sort of thing.

Basically this.
Casual converstion like in Young Justice. However, I would allow a deeper more intimate connection like Liara from Mass Effect. It would come from character development and be related to that.
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