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I would love to see a new monser book for epic monsters (lvl 20-37 or so). It would be in the updated "MM3" format. The could call it "Monsters of Lore" or something like that. It would include updates of existing 4e monsters as well as other epic monsters from other versions and even some entirely new ones.
though it pains me to say it, keep dreaming
I'm glad we both agree it would be niceWink

Are you saying that

1. because you think they won't make any more major 4e stuff (remembering that 5e won't come out until at the very earliest january 2013)


2. You think that my desire for an epic monster-oriented book is too optimistic?

I could live with just updates of the epic monsters in the pre-MM3 books.
Epic tier has been largely abandoned by WotC, although we have seen some signs of life in the last few months by way of a couple of new adventures and some monster articles. In general though, epic tier has been allowed to fade away.

Which is too bad because I've had a ton of fun playing and DM'ing epic tier. The trick is to realize that the PC's are so totally overpowered you can throw insanely challenging encounters at them and they still hardly break a sweat. Which is all part of the fun in my opinion
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