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Hey all, fairly new to the community and DnD 4th edition in general.  I'm enjoying using the builder but there's just one problem.  Printing the character sheet.   I usually print from work using a network printer...however all it does is spool endlessly.  I then noticed that the file itself measured over 400mb!  I've printed 300 page documents that only measured 30 mb.   I've tried exporting and trying to save the document in Microsoft XPS Writer to see if I can convert it to a more manageable size for printing.  Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions, or maybe a way to convert it from .dnd4e extention to something acrobat reader can open?

Thanks in advance! 
I would look in the DDI subforums for the answer to your problems.

Here is one such thread that will give you an idea of what is going on and what you can do to remedy it .... HERE
Print to PDF first rather then sending directly to printer.
Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction, will try what they suggest.

I always go to PDF first as well.  Those files are still bigger than they really need to be.  I wish there was an option to have a more plain character sheet, without the gray tone swirls and such.  Just the text and necessary lines and boxes, maybe no picture (could just use blank in builder), and minimal "power cards" - colored title line with text below.


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The large spool files are an artifact of using Silverlight. It has very primitive printing support, and so on most Windows OSs you'll find that the spool file will be something like 120MB a page. Most printers will also process it very slowly.

As has been suggested, try printing to a PDF virtual printer first, then printing from Acrobat Reader (or your PDF viewer of choice). You'll still need to make sure you have enough hard drive space for a large spool file, but the PDF should allow you to get pages out of your printer faster.

A good one to try is CutePDF.
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