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I'm thinking of running a what I though was a One-Off campaign, but now I'm confused on the term. It is a one night game right? I'm thinking Darksun, lower level, and they start off in the slave pens. during a transfer, I'm not sure if I want them to try and escape, or if they find out that they want to get to the purposed destination. Either way I can end on a positive or negative note, and also leave it open for possibility of running another game or two after that. Please clarify the one-off term and critique my initial plan if it could be improved. thanks in advanced folks!
A campaign is a series of adventures.  I'd call what you're planning on running a one-shot or standalone adventure.  

I'm a big fan of starting off an adventure with the PCs as prisoners as it gives them a very clear objective, a good reason for working together even if they have wildly different backgrounds and gives them a villain that they are highly likely to want to track down once they are freed (i.e. their captor).  Obviously you need to flesh things out quite a bit from what you currently have.  I'd be careful about making an assumption that the PCs will decide to delay escaping to reach a particular destination; there's every chance that they'll want to get free the moment they have half a chance.
The Warrens
"You are in the Deepest slave Cells when a quake causes the ground beneath the cages to drop away leaving you clinging to the bars. Far below, a fifty feet diameter tunnel has been exposed. You are left with a Choice...Escape into this unknown or Die in Slavery..."
The Citadel Megadungeon:
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