Reskinning a Paragdon Path: Bard/Resourceful Magician

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I thought some of these really lacked flavour, so I decided to theme it around performance, more fitting for a bard. Also the title is what I kept misreading it as.

Resourceful Musician

As a master of stories, stage & sound, you see magic as a performance; telling a tale, and spell casters as playwrights and musicians. A natural performer, you have learned to dabble in theater, and your ability to help drive a narrative with your music extends to the battlefield.

To aid your ability in enabling a tale to enfold, you pursue new depths in your studiesl into the nature of perfomance, the arcane and how they reshape the world in which you live. You begin to hear the rhythms that direct the forces around you, that shape history and even reality itself.

You have a strong connection to planes such as the feywild where the arcane has a more profound influence on reality. While you draw from the old you are always looking to new and more fantastical things, remixing ideas to tell the best tale.

Theory & Notation (11th Level) -

Hearing songs and reading plays inspired by arcane heroes of old motivates further study into their exploits. Slowly, their tales start to become one with your own as the greater story of the arcane's influence is revealed to you, and you see the patterns and formulas behind each arcane path's existence.

Reprise (11th Level)

(as undaunted action)

Transposition (16th level)

Through advanced character study; you learn to assume the mindset and thus the powers of another type of spellcaster, replacing one of your own to better suit your needs and abilities.

Encore - Resourceful Musician Attack 11

Taken by the elegance of your attack, the spirits of the Feywild demand more.

Encounter * Arcane

Free Action Personal

Musical Chairs (Accelerando) - Resourceful Magician Utility 12

You play an energetic tune which causes you and a friend to shuffle your feet, redirecting your positions on the stage. You immediately stop in place once it ceases.

Daily * Arcane

Minor Action Close Burst 5

Cadenza - Resourceful Magician Attack 20

An expert in improvised performances and showing off your virtuosity, you pull together the right spell at just the right moment.

Moved to 4e Character Development per VCL request.
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