4PSS M12 Sorin and Chandra go on a Dream Date.

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Friday night Sorin and Chandra got together and hit the 4 Pack Swiss Sealed M12 part of town.

Sorin has a Doom Blade in his pocket and his posse along:  Sengir Vampire, Vampire Outcasts,  Child of Night, Duskhunter Bat, Gravedigger.  

Chandra decides she wants to bring a bunch of toys, 2 Chandra's Outrage, Incinerate,  Act of Treason.  She's got so much to carry she decides to bring a Druids Bag to stuff it all in.  She's got her escorts as well: Stormblood Berserker, Goblin Tunneler, Goblin Piker,  Blood Ogre. 

Two colors, seven swamps, six mountains.   Ridiculous curve, good bloodthirst and enablers, ridiculous creature removal, multiple bombs.  This is gonna be a hekuva date.

First stop is at ben_jam_In r/w featuring Aegis Angel.  Early on ben tries to ruin the party helped with a bit of land flood and an aggressive and indestrauctible Lightning Elemental.  Games 2 and 3 go to our loving couple, Goblin Tunneler is the star enabling 2 point dings while Chandra, Sorin, and abundant removal stop any threats.

The middle part of the evening is spent with RageVirus r/w/u, featuring Archon of Justice, Volcanic Dragon, and Inferno Titan.  First game is punch, counterpunch, goes to our loving Couple because of a too vigorous Merfolk Looter and the ability to dispatch all three of his bombs.  Second game is missed turn 4 land drop by our loving couple, turn 6 Inferno Titan.  Game 3 goes to time, decking, and no life.  S&C were out of time, RV was running out of cradz, and both life totals were low.  Key play was Sorin holding the Doom Blade for the Infernal Titan ultimately winning by decking with no cards left in their deck, Sorin and Chandra were lucky to get out of there in one piece, having the exact answer at the right time to everything RV threw at them.

The nightcap was spent at eisbrecher03, who had plenty of time to scope out S&C before they arrived.  03 was r/u featuring Volcanic Dragon and Sphinx of Uthuun.  03 gave our couple a rude reception winning the first game almost before they got in the door.  Game 2 was brutal and long and required our couple to topdeck multiple times.  Game 3 our couple decided to end the night with a bang, blasting down everything that got in the way and sending all thei friends to say a quick good night to 03.

Concluding their night relatively unscathed, and undefeated, we'll bid Sorin and Chandra good morning.


This was the best deck I've ever played.  This deck built itself, I'll post the card pool later maybe.   The only card I had a real problem with was Consume Spirit, I left it out in light of all the other removal. 

All my opponents were good players and very gracious facing this ridiculous deck.  All three matches went 2-1, all three matches were the last to resolve each round.   This is a tribute to how good my opponents played and their decks.   

This deck was a blast to play, it had blazing fast starts, topdecked answers constantly, had long game.  Lifegain winning games.  Tunneler sneaking through points and enabling bloodthirst.  The Druid's Bag was sooo much fun.  Chandra was interesting, zapping irritating bugs.  Sorin dominated.  I did not get to go ultimate on either Planeswalker, but the distraction factor won me at least three games.

Most fun was this deck made me play well.  Few play mistakes tonite, I think I made good mulligan decisions, and managed to not make any bad interface mistakes like misclicking or mistargeting or skipping steps.

This is the best MOL can be fun, fun opponents, a lot of desperate games, and a deck that refused to let me down.  gg, WotC. 

Thank you, Erik.

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