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My group is small.  We often lack roles needed for a balanced party.

What do you think about granting combat advantage instead of opportunity attacks against ranged or AoE attacks?  Opportunity attacks would still be valid for movement-type trigger.
Parenthood: Gain rage class feature. While enraged, take ongoing psychic damage equal to half the child's level. Dealing damage while enraged is against your Code of Conduct and you will be depowered.


^^Wow, is that really how I came across in that personality thing or was this chosen at random?
I am assuming that your goal is to cut down on opportunies for your PCs to take damage. i.e. they need less healing.

This sounds like a simple, slightly effective solution. 
PCs should usually be able to avoid OAs from using Ranged or Area powers simply by shifting away from any threatening creature. It's likely to be easier to do this with a small party simply because there won't be as many creatures (and thus won't be as many possible obstructions) in the way.

There are also many other ways to avoid OAs (various feats and items; using Close powers, etc), so that it shouldn't be much of a problem.

That said, it probably won't hurt anything on the PCs' end if you make this change. It could end up making artillery enemies more difficult to deal with though (since pinning them down with OA threats won't work anymore).
Sling expertise and staff expertise remove the OA from ranged weapon powers and ranged implement powers respectively, I know they may want to use other implements, but you could replace the normal expertise benefit with the benefits from this and have it apply to their weapon/implement of choice...
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