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I've had so many problems with the character builder that I started actaully just doing it the old way, by hand. These days there is so much stuff to chose from, so many tiny modifiers to miss that I figured I'd give the CB a try. I've found it works these days, for the most part. It's still half as good as the past program but what ever.

Now that I'm trying it again I made some characters to try and print and the damn program refuses to print past the first page. After that when I tell it to print the program quickly flips between pages and nothing happens.

Is this a common problem? Is there a work around or am I doomed to having no useful way to build characters accept by hand?
If you do a quick search of these forums you will find the answer to your problem, but here is a short synopsis:

CB is programmed in Silverlight 4
Silverlight 4 has no native print function
Silverlight 4 will try to print the CB sheets as large image files
Large image files fill up your spool memory for your printer

Download PDFCreator or CutePDF and install them and set them to 144 or 150 DPI. Print the CB pages you want to PDF. Print the PDF. 
Thanks for the info, I should have known. Silverlight is the trailer park trash of web APIs.
Sadly, it is a problem with Silverlight.

Worst case scenario, if you don't have a virtual PDF printer, just try restarting the Character Builder.

It happened to us that it would print the all the pages for the first character just fine and then fail on the rest if we didn't restart the Builder.
Thanks but CutePDF solved the problem.