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In the starter set we got a nice table converting A20 aircraft to have AAM stats, making them cross playable.

Any chance we could get the reverse, either on here or in a future set?  AAM aircraft with A20 stats?

These AAM aircraft have not yet been printed in A20, but it'd be great to have official A20 stats for them:

Soviet Union
IL-10 Sturmovik

United Kingdom
Gloster Meteor

United States
F4U Corsair
P-38G Lightning
P-51D Mustang

Do 335
Ju 87B Stuka
Ju 87G Stuka
Me 262

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Good point!
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I'm sure as the game expands we will have most of those aircraft and hopefully the conversion to AAM will continue. However I would not expect any andvanced "official" release of stats. That would pretty much be putting the cart before the horse from a WOTC perspective.

Making some house rule stats and cards could be fun though.

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I'll bet we see some of those, namely the P-38 & Coursar for the USAAF and the Ki-43 & N1K-J for the IJN, in the upcoming Set II rumored to be Pacific Themed.
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