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Hey WotC and D&Di people:

I understand the need to "get the word out there" for Encounters stuff.  I also understand the need to make money.  I honestly hate to think that this article may have had more stuff but was limited to three pages and "Oh, we need to put this ad in this article, so cut out this section and this section please."  And even if the article was this short to begin with, I pay for D&Di for articles, not for advertisements. So, can we please keep these separate?

I don't mind if you put ads on the page with the download link.

I do mind if you put ads in the .pdf document with the article.

Thanks for reading.

If content is cut out to meet word count because of the presence of Rise of the Underdark advertisement, then i'd prefer not to have them as well.

But if the advertisements are additional content, then i am fine with it. 

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