hybrid executioner (ninja) still not in cb after may update

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cmon guys whats the deal, i have submitted to cs and didnt even get a response. is there any wizards employee that can at least acknowledge you have seen this? the hybrid fey binder was added straight away. whats the delay here? i first posted about this 4 months ago and it is not even on the known issues list
Not that I would ever play an assassin of any stripe, but I agree that the Character Buidler should be complete.

(Of course it would also help if it did not crash every time I try to make a pdf from it.) 
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It seems the hybrid ninja is so secretive and sneaky that even the developers cannot find it and force it into the builder!

On a more serious note... yeah this is depressing. It is on par with the descriptions of the god fragments.
Somewhat related to this: Have they fixed the hybird monk yet? 

I haven't opened the builder since the last update, but last time I tried to make a hybird monk it didn't let you pick from all the traditions and that has been an issue for months, but its not listed as a known issue either.

I will check the builder this weekend and submit a bug report if its not working right.
I'd like these things fixed as well.
It's a very bad sign when such well documented issues are not getting fixed month after month.
its pathetic