Craft Skill & Video Games- A Match Made in Heaven or Hell

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Most often the Craft Skill in the D&D or D20 games I have sat in on and participated has gone unused unless the GM planned for its use or PC wanted to smelt done the broken gear or craft a sword/armor for an enchanter to enchant spells on or the occasional building and rigging a device to go boom... It just seems cheaper for the party to outsource at times or mass purchase what they need

Recently while killing time playing Fallout and Rage I had and ephihany that why not use what the have as items or weapons that my party with me as player and the GM's permission or myself as GM allows to be entered into the campaign.  Basically you'd find a blueprint, recipe, or schematic and thus you know how to make the poor mans claymore or grenade
 So in the game Rage you acquire schematics and recipes to construct and concoct a small list of things like weapons and boost chems for example and got to thinking that the normal Craft Skill often time gets unused or forgotten entirely while playing and most often nobody places points there unless its beneficial to their PC...

In the Fallout Universe you have the schematics for weapons like the railway rifle and the workbench, reloading bench, and campfires in New Vegas and the recipes for the deathclaw egg omelet

I then got to thinking of what other games have you brew, craft, or construct as a way of getting things... and I came up with nothing except those like the C&C series for vehicles design... well except for the Fallout series and Rage are thus far the only two I could think of so does anyone know of others
WoW has some crafting rules if I'm not mistaken. I haven't really played it much myself, but you have to craft some stuff in that. And I think the same in Guild Wars.. Maybe in Diablo 2? 
Somewhere I have one of the Strategy Books for Warcraft and I remember there being a list of stuff in it now so thanks Kronos
There's also the Wow Wikia you can check as well, which should be more up todate with world or warcraft skills and blue prints or patterns and such.
If your party never / hardly ever crafts,
I would guess you dont have a Smart in your party,
or that the style of the campaign is that the Smart is just another thug but with different bonuses.

The reason most campaigns dont have a lot of crafting, aka Smarts Doing Their Thing,
is likely because most campaigns emphasize Reaction over Planning.
It is rare that the party will get intel on the BBEG lair
and then spend 2 days preparing to take it down
... preparing to include getting MORE intel on the details (people/infrastructure/AlternateEgress/MutualEnemies)
It is far more frequent that the team does little more than stop at the AmmoDepot on their way to the lair to start a battle royale with cheese

"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
@ backstabbist- True most of the times its the whole uber firepower over finding out that say the ENPC's eat lunch at building F so drop laser guided bomb on building and distract the remaining ENPC's with a feint while the party bust through the east gate to snag the BBEG... or better yet carpet bomb the entire compound then go in to capture him from his bunker.

Mainly this came about as I said playing Fallout NV and Rage and got to thinking on the apoc campaign I'm planning on putting forth as an option for my fellow players and thought that it would give the party a small source of income whilst taking out bandit held buildings and looting their corpses... or that pesky barred door that is obviously the bandits stash room but PC #3 literally blew apart the bandit leader thus no key for the lock but hey apply/build a lock grinder a voila instant loot

Or lets PC #5 finds a dust covered schematic in the basement of the house which details the steps to merge three/four single shot reloadable rocket launchers into a single unit...
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