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I am running a game that centers around samurai, wu jen, ninja and the like. A major component of this game is the rival ninja clan that targets the PCs. Obviously, these ninja have a wide spread of tactics that they can throw at the players, and they have been.

But a big part of a ninja clan's bag of tricks is their ability to strike and then vanish into the night. They have impressive ranks in the Hide skill, use magic to enhance it, and some make use of invisibility magic to seal the deal.

But the party shugenja knows glitterdust.

What can I do? I don't care about the blindness. Its the fact that the spell negates invisibility and gives a -40 penalty to Hide checks. Nothing gets it off you, short of ending the spell. I can do that once or twice, but I can't give every ninja that ability.

What can a ninja do to prevent this spell from being cast on him? What should he do if when he is affected by it?
The only way to prevent the spell is to prepare against it. Have one or two prepare actions to distract the caster. That's the most... "fair" way of doing it. This will become more challenging as the PCs become more powerful.
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The Mad Alchemist feat (PHB2, pg 94) has one particularly excellent disrupting option for interrupting spellcasters (and throwing alchemical items is a good theme for a certain style of ninja, especially with sudden strike), and smokesticks can allow them to pull off the very traditional ninja trick of vanishing in a puff of smoke so that they can simply run away.

If the spellcasters are using spell component pouches, an invisible disarm attempt can serve to very readily hamper spellcasting (and glitterdust is one of the spells whose material component is required by both arcane and divine casters, unless they have Eschew Materials).

To minimize the effectiveness of the spell itself, have the ninjas become invisible and move after delivering a sudden strike (though this is more difficult without Shot on the Run, Spring Attack or something similar), so that the caster can't be sure of their exact location, make sure they spread out to prevent more than one of them getting hit, and think about having them deliberately use one of their own as bait to take a shot of glitterdust and then run for it.  Trickery Devotion (from Complete Champion) is another useful feat that can provide ninja with the ability to create a fake double of themself 1/day.

Running away is really the best tactic for the ninjas actually affected by glitterdust; they're not noble samurai with the desire for fair and open combat, and if they can't claim a decisive advantage in the first round or two, it means that they should come back later when the odds are more in their favour.

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If I am invisible, and get hit with glitterdust, and then cast invisibility on myself again, does the glitter become invisible?

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If I am invisible, and get hit with glitterdust, and then cast invisibility on myself again, does the glitter become invisible?

No.  Well, the 'glitter' on your body might become invisible, but the 'sparkles' from the spell effect will still be seen.  I always look at the intent of the spell.  The intent of Glitterdust is to negate concealment (although it only reduces) from [i]Invisibility[/].  Thus, Invisibility is not the option to cancel Glitterdust (if it did then Glitterdust becomes a useless spell).
I think my ninjas will focus on the hit-and-run plans, and try to draw the caster into wasting his glitterdust spell. This will be difficult for the lone assassin that is currently tailing him, but it really does make more sense for him to retreat and bring a mob back with him anyway...

The ability of a higher level ninja to become ethereal will make all the difference. The glitterdust would go with him into the ethereal plane, he can pass through objects on his way to some full concealment, and with his ghost strike power his awesomeness would remain intact.

I was thinking that since glitterdust is a spread, there might be some way of protecting myself from being affected, even if caught in the area. But that would require full cover from every direction. What are some ways to accomplish that effectively? I don't think claiming to hide under a blanket when the spell is cast will be credible; I need something more concrete.
I happened to pick up my copy of Dragon 354 and opened to a page that you might find exceedingly useful:  the page that grants some variant class features to ninjas.  Notably:

Blinding Flash - give up ghost step at 2, ghost strike at 8, and improvement to ghost step at 10.  At 2, one use of ki powers causes all within a 20 foot radius to make a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your ninja level + your Wisdom mod) or be blinded for 1 round (being blinded makes it incredibly hard to see glitter, doncha think?), a successful save dazzles for 1 round.  It goes on from there (8 - you can extend blindness for another round with a successful sudden strike;  10 - grants any weapons or unarmed attacks the flaming burst property and anyone striking you with nonranged and nonreach weapons takes 1d6 damage), but I like the first part.

Deceptive Mist - give up the same abilities at the same levels.  At 2, one use of ki creates a cloud of fog (similar to obscuring mist) in a 20 foot high, 20 foot radius cylinder.  You can see normally, but everyone else can't see beyond 5 feet.  8th lets you lace it with contact or inhaled poisons (you're immune to inhaled poisons in your own cloud, but not contact) and 10th gives it the properties of solid fog, but all other occupants move at 5 feet (and can't take the 5 foot step) and suffer a -2 to attack and damage.   
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