Would love to see a Cryomancer :)

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Basically a mirror class to pyromancer mage from Dragon 391.

There would be a cold version of the superior implement Cinder Wand (Icicle Wand?)
+1 damage by tier with cold arcane powers.
Attacks ignore cold resist, etc...

Would be a nice change from all the burn mages I see :D

Anyone think this would be cool?   
Thing with this is you can already kind of do this with reflavour and a nice DM.
Not really needed.  The cold damage kit is more than adequate to buff you up if you want to do it anyway.  Lasting Frost, Wintertouched, Frost Accurate Dagger implement, gloves of ice, Dragonshard of cold, Icy Heart feat etc etc etc.
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I know what the name means, but it brings up images of a very emotional spellcaster.
There's also the cold elementalist, which a buddy is playing to great effect in our weekly campaign.