Caiphon / Radiant One Warlock, need advice on upper level feats

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I've been playing this Warlock since early paragon, but need a little advice on his final three feats.  He is a pretty hard core optimized Hellish Rebuker with insane defenses, so I've been adding a bit more flavor (Font of Radiance, Hellfire Teleport).  Take a look and let me know.  The eight I'm considering are Cursed Spells, Diabolic Soul, Hellfire Blood, Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff), Secrets of Belial (Fire Form polymorph), Killing Curse, Resillient Focus, Epic Will.  So trying to decided between even better defenses, more damage, better chance to hit, or some fun polymophs.

  Dungeons and Dragons Insider: Character Builder character save file
Level 22 Star Pact Warlock
Cultists - Background
Devil's Pawn - Theme
Student of Caiphon - Paragon
Radiant One - Epic

34 AC, 35 Fort, 36 Ref, 33 Will

142 HP, 35 Surge Value, 13 Surges per day

10 STR, 25 CON, 14 DEX, 21 INT, 13 WIS, 14 CHA

Arcane Initiate (retrain to Divine Secret Keeper at lvl 23 to get ritual caster feat keep staff implement)
White Lotus Riposte + Mastery
Improved Defenses
Hidden Sniper
Implement Focus - Staff
Staff Expertise
Twofold Curse
Dual Implement Spellcaster
Called Shot
Hellfire Teleport
Quickened Spellcasting
Font of Radiance
Warding Curse

Hellish Rebuke
That's really the main one, he also uses Killing flames, Ethereal Sidestep, Offering of Blood, Hellfire + Brimstone, Steps on the Purple Stair, and Deliverence of Faith frequently.  other minor / Interupt encounters / dailys.

Elven chain shirt
Eladrin Boots
Radiant Quater Staff
Rod of Starlight
Ring of Retreat
Snakeskin Armor of Dark Majesty
Circlet of Arkhosia
Belt of Breaching
Cloak of Translocation
Book of Five Truths, the fourth truth
Ring of the Radiant Storm
Shadowrift Wrist Razors
Horreb Ritual Cube
Pelor's Sun Blessing (great with Rod of Starlight)

Some of the items he's looking for included Hands of Hadar, Ring of Free Time, Nullifying Ring, and Boots of Teleportation.  Sometimes items can influence feat selection and vice versa.  
He's general strategy thus far is using the Radiant Staff to get the expanded crit range and damage from prargon / epic, use an action point in the first round and quickened spells the second to get off a volley of hellish rebukes.  He teleports in and out to gain the bonuses from prime shot / Hellfire Teleport / Cloak of Translocation / Shadowstep.  If he's not attacked he uses the Shadowrift Wrist Razors to trigger the bonus damage from Hellish Rebuke.  Between Shadow Step, Hidden Sniper, the Curse, Armor of Dark Megesty, and Teleporting for every move he basically has +6 or +8 to all his defenses.

Thanks for the tips.

Sidenote: is there an easy way to export your character from teh online builder to some kind of text that is easy to post on these forums?  All I see is the *.dnd4e file, which is some kind of weird xml format that doesn't mark up right on here.  Would save a lot of time.  Thanks.
In reply to your sidenote:

Character Sheet-> Character Summary under the "Character Style Sheet" option.. same place you switch between essentials and CB view-> Clipboard will then copy it to your clipboard. 
Ah, genius, thank you so much, I knew there had to be a way, here it is:


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Rikrit3, level 22
Tiefling, Warlock, Student of Caiphon, Radiant One
Eldritch Strike Option: Eldritch Strike Constitution
Eldritch Pact Option: Star Pact
Cultist (Stealth class skill)
Theme: Devil's Pawn

STR 10, CON 25, DEX 14, INT 21, WIS 13, CHA 14

STR 8, CON 17, DEX 12, INT 15, WIS 11, CHA 10

AC: 34 Fort: 35 Ref: 36 Will: 33
HP: 142 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 35

Arcana +21, Intimidate +22, Religion +21, Stealth +20, Streetwise +18

Acrobatics +13, Athletics +11, Bluff +19, Diplomacy +13, Dungeoneering +12, Endurance +18, Heal +12, History +16, Insight +12, Nature +12, Perception +12, Thievery +13

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Devil's Pawn Attack: Hellfire and Brimstone
Tiefling Racial Power: Infernal Wrath
Warlock's Curse Power: Warlock's Curse
Warlock Attack 1: Eldritch Strike
Warlock Pact Boon 1: Fate of the Void
Wizard Attack 1: Howling Wall
Warlock Attack 1: Hellish Rebuke
Religion Utility 2: Faith Healing
Warlock Attack 5: Vestige of Ugar
Religion Utility 6: Deliverance of Faith
Warlock Attack 7: Touch of Command
Warlock Attack 9: Feast of Souls
Warlock Utility 10: Ethereal Sidestep
Student of Caiphon Attack 11: Trust in the Guide Star
Student of Caiphon Utility 12: Steps on the Purple Stair
Warlock Attack 13: Killing Flames
Warlock Utility 16: Offering of Blood
Warlock Attack 17: Sea Tyrant's Fury
Warlock Attack 19: Voice of the Dictator
Student of Caiphon Utility 20: Caiphon's Hungry Mercy
Warlock Utility 22: Master of Magic

Level 1: Arcane Initiate
Level 2: White Lotus Riposte
Level 4: Improved Defenses
Level 8: Hidden Sniper
Level 10: Implement Focus (Staff)
Level 11: Twofold Curse
Level 12: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Level 14: Staff Expertise
Level 16: White Lotus Master Riposte
Level 20: Called Shot
Level 21: Quickened Spellcasting
Level 21: Hellfire Teleport
Level 22: Warding Curse
Level 22: Font of Radiance

Elven Chain Shirt (paragon tier)
Rod of Starlight +4 x1
Radiant Quarterstaff +4 x1
Ring of the Radiant Storm x1
Shadowrift Blade Wrist razors +3
Belt of Breaching x1
Eladrin Boots x1
Snakeskin Armor of Dark Majesty +4 x1
Book of Five Truths (The Fourth Truth)
Cloak of Translocation +4 x1
Ring of Retreat x1
Siberys Shard of the Mage (epic tier)
Circlet of Arkhosia (paragon tier) x1
Horreb Ritual Cube
Potion of Vitality
Elixir of Invisibility (heroic tier)
Elixir of Gaseous Form
Potion Bandolier
Adventurer's Kit
Thieves' Tools
Pelor's Sun Blessing (level 3)
====== End ======

Not exactly sure why you took Arcane Initiate but that is fine.  You should look at ways to increase your curse damage. 

It would take 3 feats but you could be doing 4d8 psychic for your curse damage(twofold pact=sorcerer-king, mindbite scorn, killing curse).
Vile Resonance gives you vulnerable 5 all, but adds two more curse dice.  It is a L16 daily utility.

Elemental would really come in handy with your build since you are focusing on fire damage.   Being able to add vulnerable 15 fire to an enemy would be pretty nice with hellish rebuke.  Being able to add vulnerable 15 of any type would be nice.  You would just need to pick up gloves of eldritch admixture to be able to add acid/cold damage to what you can do.  That would just leave fire and thunder for you to do.
Cool, I had considered the sorcerer king business or trying to go cold, but I've opted for things that add base damage rather than curse damage, since you can only do curse damage one a turn, but get two damage rolls a turn with hellish rebuke.

What do you mean by elemental though? He took arcane initiate to get staff implement proficiency, and with the radiant staff all of his damage is radiant, not fire.
Elemental warlock.  You can take twofold pact and take Elemental as your other pact.  You would get the pact boon and another at will.  The pact boon is much much better than the at will.

You want to add static damage, adding up to 30 damage due to vulnerability is a good thing.  You can easily add acid/cold/fire damage due to you being able to change your curse damage.  Lightning would require a lightning weapon and thunder is a whole different story.
How are you getting Hellish Rebuke?  Since you are Star Pact, you are stuck with the at-will from that pact. I am guessing you retrained the at-will, but Warlocks are not allowed to retrain their pact at-will. It is a bug in the character builder that allows it.  If you want Hellish Rebuke and Star Pact, you need to change your race to human for the extra at-will or take the Twofold Pact feat and choose infernal. 
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