Older DND minis collection for sale

I have a lot of the older rares, some duplicates, massses of common and uncommon all up for sale, included Gargantuan Blue and Black Figures. I honestly just need the money being out of a job at the moment... Shipping would need to be covered by the buyer; for a full unit list please email me at wacite_black_eye@hotmail.com.

The figures come in a large tackle kit to carry themselves, cards included for most figures. Asking for 450, serious offers only please.  
Huge Gold Dragon/ Bruenor Battle Hammer/ Tordek, Dwarf Champion/ Fire Giant Forgepriest/ Marilith/ Count Strahd Von Zerovich x2/ Large Gold Dragon/ Koylraut/ Marut/ Large White Dragon/ Stone Giant Runecarver/Frost Giant/ Aspect of Moradin/ Wraith/ Orc Baneback Rider/ Virtuous Charger/ Wizard of Turmish/ Storm Silverhand/ Hierophant of the Silver Wind/ Nightmare/ Van Richten/ Aspect of Kord/ Ultraloth/ Werewolf Lord/ Artemis Entreri /War Duke/ Flesh Golem / Xen'drik Champion x2/ Efreeti/ ASpect of Hextor/ Vlaakith the Lich Queen/ Death Knight (4.0 mini rare)/ Draegloth/Medium Silver Dragon/ Sand Giant/ Bar-lgura/ Drow Arachnomancer/ Sword Archon/ Trumpet Archon/ Aspect of Tiamat/ Dwarf Ancestor/Tscora Quori/ Gold Dragon/ Hezrou/ Mina, dark cleric (hng)/ Lady Vol/ Blood golem of hextor/ Stone Giant/CLERIC of Gruumsh... commons and uncommons around 220, this includes (rares) Gargantuan Black and Blue dragon figures
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