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If I have multiple Conjurer's Closets in play can I flicker the same creature for each closet?
At the beginning of your end step, each triggers and you choose a target as they are put onto the stack.  You can choose the same creature multiple times, but if you do, all but the first ability will be countered on resolution because their only target is now illegal.
No.  All their abilities trigger simultaneously and are then immediately put on the stack.  You must choose a legal target for each one.  After one has flickered a creature, that creature is an entirely new object.  The other abilities will then be countered on resolution, since their target no longer exists.
Conjurer's Closet

No, they will all trigger and go on the stack in the order you choose.  When they go on the stack you have to choose the target.  You may have them all target the same creature, but when the first one resolves it will "blink" the creature and the next to resolve will be countered because it has no legal target.
Even though the same card is sitting there on the battlefield, when it changes zones it became a new object.
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thanks, thats what I thought, just wanted to double check
Can you choose the same target for each Closet? Yes.
Will it do what you want it to do? No.

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