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In the next to last encounter in the adventure; The Tyrant's Oath, there is a section under the "Tactics" I don't quite understand. There is a yuan-ti statue with hundreds of spouts, filling the room with water. Once that happens, all these Snaketongue Initiates/Assassins/Celebant flee either to their barracks where pockets of air exist near the ceilings, or to the "Floodgate". ... What is this floodgate? I am very confused as to what their secondary option is before I run it. lol
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The Floodgate is a 10 x 100 feet manufactured passageway to the surface


Pg. 13 Fangs of the Snake: If the gate behind which Kylar was trapped is explored, two passageways are discovered. The first is 1 square wide and moves diagonally up through the statue into the snake’s head, where it opens atop the statue. The second is 10 feet square and climbs 100 feet straight up through a manufactured floodgate to the surface. 

Pg. 14 Fangs of the Snake: After the last cultists are mopped up and the room is drained, anyone still in this chamber can rest here and figure out how to operate the control panel of snake-head levers in the statue where the snaketongue celebrant was hiding. This panel opens and closes the drain hole to the chamber below. The controls at the statue base open and close the sluiceway and floodgate. 

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